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Discover what you can do with IBM Software and why it’s different than other software.

On a smarter planet, software is changing how we live. We can consume only what we need, when we need it. We can travel from point A to point B in the most efficient and convenient way. We can access information and expertise just as it’s needed. We can detect patterns to recognize and solve problems before they happen. Or seize new opportunities.

Behind each of these examples is a business, industry or government using software in new ways. It enables every facet of their operations. It’s a new model, and it comes with a new set of challenges and needs. Addressing those needs requires smarter software. Software that can help you do these new things.

See what IBM clients can do with smarter software.

They can gain new insight from their information to act faster and with greater precision. European retailer, The Carrefour Group (US), uses IBM Software to understand and anticipate consumption patterns. As a result, they have created the most popular loyalty program in France.

They can connect and collaborate to accelerate productivity and improve decisions. Shikuko Electric Power (US) used IBM Software for messaging and collaboration to improve knowledge sharing. The solution provides critical information that enables faster recovery from emergency power outages and helps achieve greater cost efficiency of Shikuko’s infrastructure.

They can deliver what’s needed, when and where across their organizations. The Calgary Catholic School District (US) leverages an IBM asset management platform to deliver maintenance and safety services whenever and wherever needed to help its 45,000 students – and do it while adding schools and without adding staff.

They can monitor and control assets to improve the efficiency of their infrastructures and resource management. That’s how Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (US) will use IBM Software to help manage more than 12,000 bus stops and train stations, 106 miles of track, 1,144 rail cars, 1,500 buses, 594 escalators and 275 elevators.

They can protect their assets and operations to enhance security, manage risk and meet compliance demands. Allied Irish Bank (US) did just that with IBM Service Management Software that helps them stay ahead of security threats while lowering the cost of meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

IBM Software can help you do these things because it works differently than other software.

IBM Software helps clients build the capabilities to transform their industries and ultimately the world. What’s your vision for your organization? Your industry? Your world? Getting the right software will be important. Because on a smarter planet, software matters.

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