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IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Hypervisor Edition is a special edition of DB2 Enterprise Server that supports the Open Virtualization Format and runs on top of a hypervisor such as the one in the PureApplication System.

Designed for large and mid-sized departmental servers, the DB2 Enterprise Server Edition delivers industry-leading performance across multiple workloads, while lowering administration, storage, development, and server costs. It should be considered for applications that require flexibility and scalability.

The DB2 Enterprise Server Edition improves performance and lowers costs with these comprehensive benefits:
•  Multi-temperature data management which allows you to flexibly optimize your storage environment for maximum performance
•  Time Travel Query which can reduce development costs and improve efficiency when working with temporal data
•  pureXLM to store, process, and manage XML data in its native format
•  Deep compression capabilities that reduce your storage costs
•  Advanced workload management and performance tuning capabilities, allowing more work to be done
•  Maximum data availability which minimizes the costs associated with planned and unplanned downtime.
•  Self-tuning memory management and other autonomic features which can greatly reduce day-to-day database maintenance expenses.

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