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IBM Connections Hypervisor Edition

IBM PureApplication System
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IBM Connections Hypervisor Edition 4.0 supports deployment of IBM Connections 4.0 virtual images into virtualized environments. 

  • Includes IBM Connections 4.0 and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server operating system as a system pattern for use with IBM PureApplication System
  • Can be distributed to easily deploy and manage social business solutions in a private cloud
  • Helps reduce installation and configuration time to rapidly deploy social business solutions

Using IBM Connections Hypervisor Edition 4 enables better utilization of hardware and faster response to demands for newly deployed systems. This can help to reduce both hardware and software operation costs, and maintenance costs. By deploying virtual images, businesses can also ensure that systems are built with a known, stable, and tested configuration, reducing the potential for errors and ensuring rapid deployment of a working system, whether for development, test, or production. 

New capabilities of IBM Connections 4.0

Take action faster

From within your activity stream, you can view and act on an aggregated list of updates from across your network and from third-party applications. With IBM Connections 4, you can now open a view that allows you to take action immediately on the content in your activity stream. Each update in the activity stream has an associated view powered by OpenSocial gadgets, which provides an embedded experience. This embedded experience provides a user interface from which you can, for example, comment on, follow, or Like an item, as well as download files, share content, and view tags from within your activity stream. 

Foster community growth and participation on projects

The activity stream is now available to communities, allowing community members to visualize what other members are doing. You can share status with members of your community. You can also integrate third-party applications into the community activity stream to provide visibility and easy action from within the activity stream using the embedded experience. New metrics capabilities allow community owners to monitor the adoption and vitality of their community. Insights gained from the metrics can help a community owner take actions that can make the community more useful for members, which can lead to increased community membership and participation. A new calendar provides a central place to plan and coordinate community team events.

Collaborate more effectively with teammates

New features help you work more effectively with teammates. Owners and editors can lock and unlock a file. The redesigned files summary page and tabs provide more information such as in which folders the file resides and whether the file is referenced by status updates. Team discussions in forums are enhanced with new features such as adding content from a web page or IBM Connections source to a forum topic with the click of a button. Project management is facilitated with new activity capabilities such as converting an entry into a to-do item.

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