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IBM Business Intelligence Pattern is a private cloud solution designed to help you get value out of IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence faster, lower TCO and reduce IT backlog. Your Cognos® Business Intelligence software can be up and running in minutes in a fault-tolerant environment with elastic scaling for optimized resource allocation. Rapid provisioning of the infrastructure enables you to start implementation immediately. You can even set up multiple environments and then take them down as needed.

IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence is an agile business intelligence solution designed to help users assess facts, reinvent strategy and adjust plans. It offers a full range of BI capabilities, including reports, analysis, dashboards and more, to help business users, executives and analysts in your organization understand the business and make smarter decisions.

With IBM Business Intelligence Pattern you can:

  • Achieve faster time-to-value from your Cognos® Business Intelligence deployments with automation, deployment patterns and IBM PureApplicationTM System.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership of your Cognos® Business Intelligence software with virtualization and elastic scaling.
  • Improve IT productivity with rapid provisioning automated construction and tuning of the complete environment.

The 2.0 release of IBM Business Intelligence Pattern supports Cognos® Business Intelligence V10.2.1.

Quickly deploy and manage your IBM Business Intelligence V10.2.1 environment in a private cloud with IBM Business Intelligence Pattern, which offers: 
  • Full support for IBM Cognos® dynamic cubes
  • Full support for multitenancy
  • Rich, interactive business intelligence for a broad range of mobile devices with IBM Cognos® Mobile
  • Enables custom authentication models with Custom Java Authentication Provider (CJAP)

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