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IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender with Launcher Hypervisor Edition

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IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender is the IBM strategic universal transformation solution. It provides best-in-market data transformation capability without the need to write code.

WebSphere Transformation Extender provides compliance, currency and speed-to-solution with a broad array of industry packs, which allows for faster support of new business initiatives.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender with Launcher Hypervisor Edition on PureSystems enables transformation capability in a private cloud with provisioning, management, and monitoring tools for cost effective deployments.

Additionally, the WebSphere Transformation Extender portfolio offers predefined industry packs to rapidly and easily deploy transformation solutions, to manage changing industry standards, and to simplify the deployment and use of WebSphere Transformation Extender within virtualized and cloud architectures.

You can use your existing WebSphere Transformation Extender maps in cloud environments to enhance the value that WebSphere Transformation Extender provides as a universal transformation solution across your enterprise.

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