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Quick-EDD is a full-function High Availability and Data Replication software product for "IBM System I" that is configured and priced to start small and expand as the organization’s need grows for protection of critical applications.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    A range of Quick-EDD configurations handles all high availability and data replication applications for a wide variety of enterprises requiring a high level of protection against downtime of any type. Mirrors to local and remote sites. Tailored to protect IBM system i servers, Quick-EDD incorporates technology that results in high levels of performance in both the High Availability (HA) and Data Replication functions. It is designed to be easy to install and use and adapts in a flexible manner to various site organizations with both a global and single process for handling data and objects.

    Significant features include modularity, efficient check/sync any time, one-step replication, rapid failover, multi-partition cross-organization, high performance, no journal entries on target, and price leadership. Quick-EDD models are divided into four groups, for the HA primary and secondary machines, and the Data Replication primary and secondary machines. For each group, there are separate models for each P-group from P05 through P60.


    High Performance – Uses state-of-the-art technology that results in handling fewer transactions, boosting performance and reducing overhead.

    Scope – Replicates data, objects, I.F.S., spool files, profiles/security, config files, SYSVAL and every new features supported into OS V7R2.

    Switchover – Automatic managed failover/switchover to recovery machine, then return so production system.

    Business Case

    Quick-EDD provides great arguments:

    • price
    • simplicity
    • fast and easy installation and management
    • rapid skill transfer
    • a professional team available for services
    • a large number of clients worldwide (more than 1600)
    • IBM validation and integration into marketing special offerings

    Business Problem

    Ensure the continuity of IT services for IBM servers System I. So, the SWITCH is the cornerstone of Quick-EDD/HA and every functionalities are designed to achieve the switch and resync functions.

  • -Technical Details

    1/ Real-time Replication

    2/ CheckSync and autorepair

    3/ Switch and resync for planned and/or unplanned failure

    4/ Jobs follow up for real time information of running jobs of the source to the target

    5/ Smart Remote Staging for non-apply operation

    6/ System I Components:

    • Quick-EDD/HA supports the entire environment of the iSeries by replicating the following: Database, Objects, Configuration, User Profiles and Security, System Values, Spools, and IFS.
    • Quick-EDD/HA supports advanced OS400 and I5OS functions including triggers, constraints, Commit/Rollback, iASP, Blobs and IBM software including MQSeries and WebSphere…

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Thierry ROUX


    Phone: +33 1 53 10 27 50

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