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TotalBOM is an integrated BOM/cPDM solution that can be used throughout the product lifecyle from engineering, manufacturing, procurement, marketing, sales to after service. TotalBOM manages all data in a single database providing an effective real time collaborative environment.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    TotalBOM is a software packages for the manufacturing industry to streamline their processes from product design, engineering, trial production, sales to after service. It provides a real-time integrated BOM solution that manages all BOMs (Bill of Materials) like the engineering BOM, manufacturing BOM, procurement BOM and sales BOM. With a single database, not only engineering data (parts list, structure, documents and drawings) but also manufacturing data (routing, process data, supply chain and manufacturing resources) are managed. There is no need anymore to manage multiple BOMs resulting in higher efficiency and accuracy. Different views on the BOM can be created feeding the information needs of the BOM users. TotalBOM is used by large manufacturers worldwide in automotive, electronics, machinery and food processing. ECO/TotalBOM users typically achieve between 40-75% reduction of product lead times and 30% cost reduction. The solution is multilingual and runs on IBM hard- and software platforms.

    Business Case

    1. Link engineering and manufacturing functions: smooth communication between design and production engineering functions. 2. Product planning and production engineering: TotalBOM can manage both the engineering and manufacturing BOMs with a single BOM instance making communications and change management smoother. During product development, TotalBOM allows for easier search and reuse of existing parts resulting in faster development times. 3. Post M&A: TotalBOM has been implemented at several customers as a tool for global parts number management for consolidation of all product data.

    Business Problem

    1. How to effectively communicate product/BOM data with suppliers, between engineering and manufacturing at global locations. 2. Post merger issues consolidating product/BOM data. 3. Parts number normalization. 4. Need for shorter development lead times 5. Need to reduce product development cost

  • -Technical Details

    * single trusted source of all BOM data * historic and instantaneous BOM archiving * multiple views on BOM data to support cross organizational requirements * sales configuration * engineering configuration * Engineering BOM, Manufacturing BOM (by location), Purchase BOM, Sales BOM, As-Built BOM, As-Maintained BOM * Workflow management for process automation * Document management * Easy data import from CAD systems into BOM

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Dr. Arjen Van Blokland


    Phone: +81-3533-31301

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