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Version:LogDrill 3.1
LogDrill is the fastest machine generated data analysis tool. Machine generated data (logs) makes up the majority of Big Data, and these are originally semi structured. LogDrill is universally applicable to analyze every kind of log: finding operational anomalies, fraud and hacker breach with the help of reports & alerts.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    LogDrill software is an advanced and easy-to-use Big Data analysis tool for the effective and efficient handling of the large amounts of machine generated data, also called logs, produced by information systems of any size. LogDrill helps data analysis experts in their everyday assignments with extremely fast data processing and visualizations, intuitive workflows, and versatile usage options, all this coming at an affordable price.

    One of the most difficult challenges of machine generated data analysis is the effective handling of data with increasing volume, variety, and velocity. Servers, terminals, sensors and intelligent devices produce large quantities of raw data about their operation in the form of logs. With the techniques implemented in other log analysis products, this results in long waits for the completion of simple data analysis operations, making the detection of anomalies in the original data impossible to be managed in due time.

    LogDrill is an Operational Intelligence tool, which provides query results under 1 second, and one click data drilldown to original logs. LogDrill is useful to find operational anomalies or to optimize processes, because it supports any kind of semi structured data as input - from network and application logs to Industrial Control Systems’ data.

    Business Case

    LogDrill visualizes long term trends and spots the events which influence decisions immediately. This is useful on many fields and in many aspects, and resellers can sell a lot of services with LogDrill.

    Forensics: LogDrill is a perfect complementary product to existing network perimeter security systems or Identity Management systems as it enables the reconstruction of events from log files. Thanks to Drag&Drop query it ensures ad hoc queries and gives immediate results supporting interactive root cause analysis to identify and locate the core of the threats and to identify the responsible.

    IT and production maintenance support: Large quantities of logs are produced through the core activity of a production company and each IT system. Log analysis provides important information about efficiency, supports lean management and helps with monitoring of production processes, it also helps to improve the level of security in each system. Production can be optimized and the configuration mistakes can be found only if the processes are transparent.

    Compliance monitoring: SOX, PCI and other compliance requirements need log analysis too. You can prepare either custom-made reports or your own report templates and schedule it on the system with the help of LogDrill.

    Every company with considerable IT infrastructure needs a solution for these issues, and LogDrill delivers it cost effectively.

    Business Problem

    Professional machine generated data analysts have surely experienced this: The task is to find valuable information in a huge set of data and you have waited hours to a query, but then you needed to change it a bit, and wait for it again and again. Anomalies impeding business goals need instant actions. To act, you need operational information. LogDrill provides results immediately for root cause analysis, forensics, maintenance support.

  • -Technical Details

    • Transforming any kind of semi structured data to structured data
    • Powerful text processing in real time
    • Query results under a second on large data sets
    • Data drilldown to original logs under a second
    • Drag and drop query method
    • Easy to use and filtering
    • Interactive visualizations, various graphs
    • Custom Dashboards
    • Scheduled or ad hoc reports
    • Alerts (capable to trigger custom scripts)
    • Output in CSV, TXT, PDF, HTM, DOCX, ZIP

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Tamás Katona


    Phone: +36709780088

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