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Organizations should implement our Smart Test Technology® solution if they are looking to improve their Human Capital needs in the following areas:
1. Decrease Employee Onboarding time
2. Increased Profits
3. Increased Productivity
4. Right Sizing Corporations with optimizing human capital needs
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Smart Test Technology® allows organizations to upload existing tests online. Our cutting-edge Smart Test Technology® gives customers the ability to examine potential employees in a shorter time frame (3-5 times more efficient than Paper and Pencil). This saves the corporation resources. Also, the test results are immediate (customers can wait up to 90 days or more to receive paper and pencil results). A business decision can be made immediately about the human capital need, with using our Smart Test Technology®.

    Smart Test Technology® has been proven time and time again to provide examinee test scores that are virtually identical to test paper and pencil results. The challenge with Paper and Pencil Tests is not the test scoring, but it is the test length for examinees (examinees complain about the number of questions need in the assessment), and time to receive results (some corporations have waited past 90 days to receive). With our Smart Test Technology®, customers can get the same paper and pencil test scores (which is ideal for the human capital market) in less time, and a fewer number of test items given to examinees. The results are immediate, and customers can make human capital needs the same day the assessment is given. Customers will benefit substantially with our Smart Test Technology® Platform.

    Business Case

    In a multi-billion dollar testing industry, Adaptive Assessment Services, Inc. is properly poised to help customers solve any human capital need. AAS has the ability to offer employee selection assessments in a variety of ways. Normal assessments can only provide computerized tests in a multiple choice format, but AAS unique technology can provide computerized adaptive assessments in the following formats:

    a) Fill in the blank,

    b) Multi-Media,

    c) multiple list,

    d) multiple choice,

    e) and many other test formats based on customer needs.

    Because of this competitive edge, and Adaptive Assessment Services, Inc. ability to offer assessments in multiple formats, the following industries are perfect to implement our cutting-edge Smart Test Technology® solution.

    1) Domestic and International Corporations

    2) Domestic and International Governments

    3) National Football League (NFL)

    4) National Basketball Association (NBA)

    5) Major League Baseball (MLB)

    6) National Hockey League (NHL)

    7)Intentional Soccer

    8) Olympics Games

    Business Problem

    Smart Test Technology® is our Human Capital computer adaptive testing software solution.

    Customers will experience

    a) Shorter test times

    b) Tests results are immediate

    c) Results are virtually the same as paper and pencil test scores

    We offer adaptive questions in multiple formats (i.e. fill in the blank, multi-media, multiple list. Customers will also: decrease onboarding time, decrease employee turnover, and increase productivity.

  • -Technical Details

    1. Customers can upload existing paper and pencil tests and computerized tests to our Smart Test Technology® Platform

    2. Customers can administer those tests in an adaptive format (questions get harder or easier)

    3. Customers can also offer test questions in a variety of formats not just Multiple Choice

    4. Customers can have examinees take test in proctored or non-proctored environment

    5. Customers can register multiple examinees at a time to take an assessment

    6. Customers can administer shorter adaptive assessments to examinees

    7. Customers can receive results (in a downloadable format) immediately

    8. Customers can make human capital decisions the same day the assessment is given

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Kenneth James Jr.


    Phone: 904-613-3818

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