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MIMIX DR is comprehensive, affordable, entry-level disaster recovery for Power Systems™ running IBM i® that ensures business critical data and applications are protected in real time and are fully recoverable. If you think tape backup is all you can afford, think again.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    MIMIX DR is a complete, affordable disaster recovery solution for Power Systems™ running IBM i®. Real time replication to a backup server residing on-premises, off-site or in the Cloud ensures that mission critical data and applications are protected up to the point of failure and are fully recoverable. Leveraging the world-class technology found in MIMIX Availability, MIMIX DR delivers:

    • Comprehensive, real-time replication including files, data areas, data queues, IFS, programs, user profiles, device configurations, spool files, triggers, constraints and more

    • Easy, intuitive monitoring and control using the browser-based Vision Solutions Portal (VSP)

    • Robust auditing of replicated data for confident failover and recovery

    MIMIX DR enables businesses to meet the widest range of regulatory mandates and service level agreements by guarding against data loss. When delivered in a Cloud hosted environment, MIMIX DR is an ideal solution for small businesses that desire real time disaster recovery protection without the capital investment in a second system.

    Business Case

    The ability to ensure business continuity by providing disaster recovery protection for critical applications and data is a requirement for success in today’s business environment. Organizations are not only faced with the costs and consequences of data loss and downtime from unexpected server and site failures, but also the associated cost of damaged relationships with customers and supply chain partners, as well as the impact of failing to meet regulatory mandates related to data loss and downtime.

    MIMIX DR solves these issues by providing a comprehensive, affordable, entry-level disaster recovery solution that ensures that data and applications are protected up to the point of failure and are fully recoverable. MIMIX DR solves the challenges facing businesses by protecting data from loss and reducing the impact of downtime on their business. It helps satisfy regulatory data protection mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II and HIPAA, and it helps to meet obligations to customers and partners as part of an integrated supply chain or SLA.

    Whether it’s protecting medical records for a healthcare organization, orders for a manufacturing company, or transaction records for a financial services business, MIMIX DR protects data and applications from loss and makes sure they are fully recoverable, thus helping businesses to achieve their goals.

    Business Problem

    It has been estimated that 25-40% of small businesses do not reopen after a disaster or long-term outage. They are subject to the same regulatory mandates as enterprises, and their customers, partners and staff require 24 x 7 system access. Yet most have not fully protected their business from data loss and downtime. MIMIX DR protects applications and data in real time so that they are protected up to the point of failure and fully recoverable.

  • -Technical Details

    MIMIX DR features include:

    Real-time replication

    • Replication of all major object types protects data and apps up to the point of failure

    • Hot backup system on-premise, off-site or in the cloud is ready for failover whenever needed

    • Available for IBM® P05 and P10 servers with 1-4 processors

    Confident recovery

    • Audits continuously detect and repair out of sync conditions on your backup server

    • Provides assurance that your replicated data is ready for failover and recovery

    Easy operation

    • Monitoring and control from any device with a browser

    • Status at a glance through a simple, intuitive UI

    • Lights-out, unattended monitoring with e-mail alerts

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Judy Olson


    Phone: 630-282-8282

PureSystems patterns are part of a broad portfolio of PureSystems solutions for business, cloud, and infrastructure applications.

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