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AviCenna Hospital Information Management Platform

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Avicenna HIS is designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals helping them to improve not only medical quality of the patient care services but also tracking the financial and service costs in their organization with more than 30 Modules which includes ADT , medical, financial and managements (MIS) .
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Avicenna HIS is the state-of-the art solution that delivers a complete, comprehensive fully integrated, extendable, flexible, user-friendly and easy to use Healthcare Information System solution product. Health care organizations are challenged to integrate and manage financial and clinical data to help improve overall operations and enhance the care process. Avicenna HIS modules covers all hospital front-and back office needs by providing modules to govern the whole cycle of healthcare service by keeping track of the whole process of outpatient and Inpatient care services with a one unified application from patient Admission to Discharge & Transfer. Avicenna HIS is a scalable application that fits to the needs of large, centrally & distributed multi-location organizations, small and mid-size hospitals. Avicenna HIS, supports international coding standards and protocols( HL7, DICOM, ICD 9-10, CPT,ATC,DRG etc) while having long lasting experience of medical and hospital building device integrations. Avicenna HIS platform is a J2EE based N-tier architecture to guarantee security, seamless integration, connectivity and interoperability in the healthcare organization. This Platform allows Health Care Provider to record and share their data between healthcare providers and other national or private entities as Personal Health Record Systems (PHR) or any other reimbursement or provision systems.

    Business Case

    AviCenna® HIS creates the e-health revolution in the provision of health services. A full- equipped Hospital Information Management System, AviCenna® is an e-health infrastructure platform based on the standards. AviCenna®, with this infrastructure platform, automatize the management of different data and services in the digital environment, and incorporates the results into an apparent picture on a single screen, and ensures that this picture can be immediately shared with other authorized institutions and decision makers. AviCenna® includes medical, financial and managerial modules. These modules are adapted to the specific needs of each institution, and all processes are ensured to be followed, and the burden is taken away from the personnel. Since the Avicenna modules that ensure the limited hospital sources to be efficiently used in an easy operable, traceable, efficient and profitable hospital, and minimize the losses of service losses are produced by the same company, they can work in full integration and be easily adapted to the changing legislation. Regardless of your needs, pay more attention to your patients with AviCenna® that is specific to your hospital and fully integrated with all functions of your hospital. Being a full-equipped hospital information management system, Avicenna has an architecture based on J2EE software base. Since it is of Java origin, AviCenna® has the capacity of installation and running in all operating systems.

    Business Problem

    * See his hospital(s) as a whole while having the option of to see single units of whole. * Have a single ICT unit serving for as a whole multiple location sites. * See his hospital(s) as a whole MIS structure. * See his hospital(s) resources and services as a real time basis * Save time and money spent on SW licensing, ERP licensing, Infrastructure savings * Have a HIS which Compatible with future oriented systems & standards

  • -Technical Details

    * Java platform * N-tier Architecture * No additional installation on client-side * Support to all major Operating Systems(Windows, Linux) * Multiple Database Management Systems support (Oracle,DB2 etc.) * Build-in Application Server * Multi-language, Multi-currency support. * Central Database for distributed Hospitals & Clinics * Highly Flexible, Scalable and customizable. * Graphical User Interface with user friendly screens. * Availability of Patients History at any point of time. * Flexible, modular design, facilitating easy incorporation of added functionality * Compliance with regulations of the Joint Commission International (JCI) * Pivot Reporting

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    Provider Information

    Name: Tan Cetin


    Phone: +903122848783

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