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NumSync (Sync your Business)

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Provided by:Numvision
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Multi-Devices Sync and Sharing solution, to be deployed on premise. If you are reluctant to use external infrastructure to sync and share corporate files, consider deploying NumSync internally. With NumSync, your ecosystem will be more collaborative and more mobile without compromises on security.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Looking for a collaborative tool to share and sync documents securely?

    Discover NumSync the new "mobile file sharing & synchronisation" on-promise software!


    The expectations of your users are legitimate:

    • enhance team-work by easily sharing files with colleagues and external stakeholders,
    • access to their files from every terminals (mobile, smartphone, tablet) whatever their OS (Windows, Mac or Linux),
    • be able to work offline and make sure their documents are automatically synchronized the next time they connect,
    • provide access to large files or folders securily for a limited period.


    The corporate requirements for security are equally legitimate:

    • be sure to know who shares what with whom, and to set limits,
    • host the data on your own network or at your host approved,
    • have a dedicated interface to control access, monitor syncs, trace actions and manage groups,
    • benefit from the support of a publisher.


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  • -Technical Details


    Web (classical and mobile)

    Files: Upload and download files, organize files, create private sharing, reate public link, create WebDAV link, see versions and deletions.

    Sharings: Manage public links, private Sharing and WebDAV links.

    Events: see recent events.

    Account : manage user account.


    Sync software

    Folders; sync a new folder to the Cloud, sync a new folder from the cloud, manage syncs.

    Activities: see sync status, tasks (runnning, performed, next), errors, conflicts.

    Settings: manage software settings.


  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Mathieu PELISSIER


    Phone: +33 4 27 85 13 30

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