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DR4i Version 8.1

Shield Advanced Solutions (Canada) Ltd
Provided by:Shield Advanced Solutions (Canada) Ltd
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DR4i is an affordable Disaster Recovery solution for IBM i. Apply Remote Journal Receiver data directly to your local database. DR4i allows you to create and up-to-date copy of your database on a remote server. Apply process provides constant receiver apply processing. Also available PureFlex™ OVA with PHP interface.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    This product automates the apply of journal receiver data to a database on a remote server. The data is carried to the remote server via the IBM® Remote Journal technology, DR4i will apply the data from the receiver to the local database either on receiver change or on entry receipt.

    This is not a replacement for the High Availability products but a Disaster Recovery Tool. As a service provider you could use this tool to provide data vaulting to your customers, you would store the data and provide services wrapped around this tool to backup the data or manage the environment for the customer. This product is aimed at the low end user who relies on tape back up or backup site recovery contracts.

    DR4i has been packaged to allow easy deployment to a Pureflex™ system with a full PHP/Easycom interface already included with the package.

    Business Case

    Gives the low end i5 user the ability to invest in the DR solution without the high cost of a true High Availability Product. Allows Data Vaulting Service providers the same level of alternative.

    Uses IBM® Technology and commands to carry out the task of data updating on the target system. Only requires a single install to work as it does not require any product, program or process on the source system.

    Business Problem

    Disaster recovery with data replication at an affordable cost. The data will be in line with the source system data once the apply process has completed the application of the changes. Because the data is applied to a live database the recovery time will be greatly reduced and the data more up to date than if normal hot site techniques such as save and restore where used.

  • -Technical Details

    • Use IBM® remote journal technology for data transport
    • Provide a data update process using the Remote journal receivers
    • Simple Cost effective solution for DR
    • Gives Data Vaulting Providers an alternative solution using IBM technology
    • Allows a RPO (Recovery Point Objective)  for the replicated data the same as a HA solution.
    • Provides an RTO of 8 - 24 hours depending on the setup

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Chris Hird


    Phone: 1-519-940-1192

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