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XDS Edge Server

Forcare B.V.
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The XDS Edge Server combines forView, forConnect and forAdmin in a single appliance. The Edge server connects distributed clinical information systems to an XDS network.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The XDS Edge Server is a IHE XDS Connectivity Appliance, a single (virtual) server solution that connects clinical information systems in a standards-based way to health information exchanges. The XDS Edge Server is based on Forcare’s IHE XDS product range and is configured as a dedicated appliance targeted to clinical information sharing. The XDS Edge Server enables secure access to (selected) clinical information by general practitioners that refer patients to your hospital. It can also support cross-site clinical workflow or multi-disciplinary team meetings where information is shared from multiple sources. Standards-based using IHE Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) XDS - Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing - is the international IHE (Integrating the healthcare Enterprise) standard for clinical information sharing across healthcare organization boundaries. For radiology, XDS-Imaging has rapidly become the preferred standard for information sharing. XDS-Imaging is used for sharing reports and images. Since XDS-Imaging uses IHE-XDS as underlying infrastructure - the solution is expandable and can be used for other domains and applications. Easy expanding a health information exchange network Expanding your health information exchange network is as easy as adding additional edge servers instances (or other XDS-enabled systems) to the network. Furthermore, multiple DICOM and HL7 sources can be connected to the edge server.

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  • -Technical Details

    Key Features - Start with a low-cost, entry level health information exchange that may expand over time. - Join existing XDS-based HIEs. - Standards-based using IHE XDS. - Built-in security and access control. - Single box (appliance) solution. - Read-only web-based access for external users, like general practitioners or external referrers. - Shared information stays “at the source” - no duplication or central storage necessary.Eliminates the hassle of using DICOM-CDs.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Martijn Jonkers


    Phone: 0031306991930

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