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Finantix Sharp is a modular digital banking platform that transforms sales and service dialogues in branches, online, through mobile devices and tablets. Sharp helps banks inject in their current systems outstanding customer journeys and engaging features. Finantix Sharp was voted "Best of Show" at the prestigious Finovate
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    Pattern Overview

    Finantix Sharp facilitates connection between customers and bank employees across branch systems, online channels, tablets and smartphones during engage, advice, sales, origination, service and transaction processes. With Finantix Sharp: · Customer dialogues are based on interactive simulators, educational tools, multimedia content and friendly consistent interfaces across the web and mobile devices. · Salesforce looks professional and communicates sharply the value of your products. And it can complete sales through effective and paperless processes. · Customers perceive the added-value the bank provides through mobile, web and face to face channels · Salesforce can close business in real-time at cafés, shopping malls, offices and homes with tablet and smartphone apps optimised for prospecting and sales · Customer journeys flows smoothly across channels, devices and interaction steps offering transparency, visibility, real-time updates, play on your own facilities. · Social collaboration becomes a core element of your banking interactions with post, monitor and interpret media streams features and intelligence analysis capabilities. · Ties closers to car dealers, property agents, products and services brokers and other partners or distributors by linking them to customers and your bank via straight through digital processes. · Management can easily publish content, new products, offers and adapt and configure business rules to apply across all channels and devices.

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  • -Technical Details

    Sharp derives its power from the following set of capabilities: Products: all financial products sets are supported: accounts and cards, payments, loans, insurance products, investments and banking services Interaction formats: rich customer communication via: digital signatures, natural language UI, chat and videoconferencing, smartcard reading for mobile devices, credit card swiping, mobile document capture and tracking, Apple Passbook and NFC integration, QR code-based workflow. Monitoring: interactions, transactions and social posts are tracked at customer, employee and product level, in order to provide real-time information and recommendations about sales performance and customer needs

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    Provider Information

    Name: Giuseppe Calignano


    Phone: +39 041 2587611

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