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MFT, software solution to share and exchange sensitive files Protect the transfer of intellectual property, ensure compliance, boost productivity and reduce costs.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Managed File transfer is a new, all-inclusive, secure exchange solution that adapts to the needs and constraints of enterprise of all types and sizes. MFT optimizes business processes by providing a secure platform for centralized electronic exchanges, guaranteeing the traceability of actions and the enforcement of enterprise exchange rules across user populations. Based on powerful concepts, such as exchange domains and policies, MFT's innovative features address all file exchange issues with an unmatched level of control and flexibility. With its fine-grained access control model that ensures secure delegation of management capabilities across different business units (subsidiaries, brands, branches etc.) MFT is the ideal solution for organizations with a distributed management architecture. The different identities of each subsidiary can be preserved thanks to individually customizable theme-based GUI skinning and multilingual support.

    Business Case

    Who's MFT designed for ? :

    • For large corporations : The platform is designed to cope with high volumes of users, providing an efficient, auditable and secure means of communication for companies of all sizes. Rapid deployment and availability mean significantly low total cost of ownership.
    • For small business company : Thanks to its default configuration, MFT is also adapted to smaller organizations, especially through its SaaS mode MFT Online

    See also MFT Online, the SaaS version of MFT

    Use cases :
    • Sending large files to external partners
    • sharing sensitive File within a collaborative project
    • Implement a security policy on data exchange
    • Send certified documents with proof of integrity (delivery of source code, or executable code)

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    • Authentication schemes, exchange rules, encryption & filtering policies
    • Built-in reporting and auditing capabilities (access, admin, file sharing, usage) to ensure compliance
    • Fine-grained access control model to ensure secure delegation of management capabilities across organizational units
    • A secure, reliable and self-operating solution that enhances the productivity of users and business processes (Management and Sending API available)
    • Automatic event notification engine
    • Easily integrated into directories and databases
    • Embedded antivirus (or integration with an existing Antivirus system)
    • Support for very large files and PDF
    • SOAP API for Identity Management Integration

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Marie-Christine Goeury


    Phone: 0155642200

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