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jOMEGA is a user-friendly, modern technology equipped information system.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    jOMEGA is a user-friendly, modern technology equipped information system. It is designed to carry out business transaction operations in the banking sector and is built on the basis of our employees’ 20+ years experience of working on banking related projects coupled with an excellent understanding of user needs and of the entire field of development IT. Product Benefits • focused on business logic with a great share of expertise in the banking sector • established relational databases (ORACLE, DB2) • well-known and well-established technology (JAVA EE) • assured security and compatible with regulations • parametrically formatted customer statements within client administration • system modularity • solid integration with surrounding environment

    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    More than Just Banking jOMEGA is designed on a modular principle. With appropriate modifications, this also allows it to be used in business operations by other types of financial institutions that deal with account management (i.e. insurance companies, brokerage firms, etc.). The development of new functionalities is fully customized to meet our clients’ needs and desires and we offer our full expert support in the goal to finding best possible solutions.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Mr. Miro Stefanisin


    Phone: +386 1 2344 850

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