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DB2-based UK postal address capture software
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Hiwayman enables users to search for and validate UK postal address. Optimised for postcode searches, any part(s) of an address can be searched for. As a DB2-based product, Hiwayman will run on any platform, and can be accessed using any programming language or interface, which supports DB2.

    Business Case

    The functionality provided by this product is of use to any application in any industry where new customers addresses have to be added to a database, or existing customers addresses have to be changed.

    Business Problem

    The product prevents the insertion of incomplete or incorrect addresses into its users databases.

  • -Technical Details

    Searching the Royal Mail's PAF data, the Highwayman offers:

    • Fuzzy matching using the Soundex algorithm
    • An indication of the closeness of matches using the Edit Distance algorithm
    • Recognition of abbreviated 'thoroughfare descriptors' e.g. 'Ave', 'Cres', 'St', 'Ter'
    • Recognition of '&', 'Ltd' and 'St' (for Saint)
    • Support for searching on postally non-required localities. These are geographical localities which are recognised by the Royal Mail, but are not required in a postal address.
    • Wild card searching
    • The ability to prevent duplicate addresses from being added to the user's database.
    • Simple integration with third party address-based data

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Philip Burchill


    Phone: 0044 (0)7551 582038

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