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Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository™

Comptel Corporation
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Provided by:Comptel Corporation
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Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository ™ provides a live and accurate view of subscriber business data, including service configurations and allocated price plans.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository ™ allows Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to monitor business-critical customer status and activity information across multiple networks, and provides a single point of reference to all interested business functions.

    The data is dynamically maintained by key operator processes including charging and fulfillment, ensuring that Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository ™can offer a precise view of the subscriber’s services and charging model.

    Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository ™ is optimized to leverage DB2 and PureData Systems for Transactions.

    • IBM PureData Systems for Transactions is designed to simplify the entire system lifecycle, from acquisition to retirement. The system comes fully assembled and contains factory-integrated and optimized server, storage, network, and software resources selected and tuned specifically for the demands of transactional data processing. Having the system already built and pre-tuned for online transaction processing (OLTP) data workloads means much easier system deployment and faster time to value.
    • At the heart of the PureData System for Transactions is IBM's industry-leading DB2 technology. 

    Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository ™ lets CSPs exploit the value of customer data within their organization and improve the efficiency of all customer-facing application.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository is fully compatible with other Comptel products:

    • Comptel Charging and Comptel Policy Control can access subscriber price plans and policy and charging control rules to calculate service rates and apply policies.
    • Comptel Fulfillment reconciles subscriber profile changes between Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository and the network.

     Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository supports an agile and lean architecture of customer-facing applications, helping CSPs to manage significant events : such as data migrations when replacing customer-facing applications or network elements.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Robert Orlando


    Phone: +44 7725 005687

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