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Version: 1.0
The Infosys One-Click Private Cloud Deployer® standardizes, simplifies and automates implementation of standard business application topologies in a private cloud environment thereby leveraging the clouds benefits to a maximum extent.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The Infosys One-Click Private Cloud Deployer provides standardized business application patterns and technology patterns which are ready to use and can be deployed in customer environments almost out of the box. In addition to ready-to-use patterns, the solution also provides mechanism to customize existing patterns or create new patterns. This solution addresses two key aspects of cloud namely standardization and automation which are the core value propositions of private cloud implementation. The solution comes with a standardized set of business application topologies, pre-built and ready to use by customers along with automation features using monitoring and auto scaling. These pre-built patterns are a result of Infosys extensive experience in designing and building such topologies over number of years and hence will have the predictability due to our vast experience and due to fine tuning of such topologies over in multiple customer engagements over number of years. All these experiences and best practices are packaged as pre-built infrastructure topology patterns as part of this solution and uses majority of IBM products including IWD to achieve this. So this is a single packaged solution which has packaged Infosys infrastructure design and solution experience of multiple years along with IBM product quality features, that together provide enterprises with a highly predictable and ready-to use patterns which provides all the benefits mentioned earlier.

    Business Case

    Some examples of ready to use and proven business application topologies and patterns that come with this solution are: An end to end digital marketing solution, a collaboration portal solution, a Hadoop based big data topology solution etc. Each of these solutions come with more than one standard size (for example a Simple, Medium and Large size), which can be used as per customer needs. In addition the solution has in-built monitoring solution and a rules engine which can be used to auto scale already deployed topologies based on the usage.

    Business Problem

    The Infosys One-Click Private Cloud Deployer makes an enterprise more agile in creating and deploying business application topologies. The solution improves the time to market (time to design and deploy topologies) by more than 60%, reduces operating costs by more than 70% and improves QOS assurance and predictability of topology design by ~ 70%. All these combine to provide a substantial improvement in business performance of an enterprise.

  • -Technical Details

    • The complete process of infrastructure VM sizing, topology design, software stack design and associated configurations are pre-built and ready to use for standard business applications like digital marketing application, etc. • Reduces infrastructure engineering efforts for pre-built patterns, time to market for creating and deploying application topologies reduces by ~ 60%. _ • Almost zero touch capacity planning and infrastructure deployment for standard domain specific business application implementations, reduces Operating costs by ~ 70% • Improves predictability of implementations due to usage of well proven topology designs. QOS assurance and predictability increase by ~ 70%

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Moses Mathuram


    Phone: +91-7829906528

PureSystems patterns are part of a broad portfolio of PureSystems solutions for business, cloud, and infrastructure applications.

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