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NICE Service-to-Sales Solution

NICE Systems LTD.
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Provided by:NICE Systems LTD.
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Version:Release 1.0
NICE Service-to-Sales (S2S) helps you maximize real-time up/cross-sell revenues and boost customer retention during inbound interactions.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    NICE Service-to-Sales empowers call centers to become true profit centers by maximizing revenues from inbound interactions across channels and making business strategies actionable. Using interaction analytics technologies such as speech analytics, cross-channelanalytics, as well as desktop monitoring, real-time decisioning and real-time guidance and automation, NICE Service-to-Sales guides agents to the next best offer, based on the interaction context. It helps agents to transition from service to sales mode, and present offers in the most compelling way. The solution even automates order execution so agents can focus on the customer, not the process. Ultimately, NICE Service-to-Sales analyzes and measures agents’ sales attempt and success rates to identify the root causes of customer objections, catalog sales best-practices, and assist agents struggling with poor sales skills. Based on this input, NICE Service-to-Sales defines business rules to identify real-time up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and best practices for successful sales.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

    Contact centers now need to become profit centers. When consumers have become immune to traditional marketing solicitations, maximizing revenues from inbound interaction is crucial. Contact Centers need to find ways to up-sell, cross-sell and retain more customers without damaging the operational KPIs they’re still primarily being measured upon. NICE S2S addresses those inbound sales challenges.

  • -Technical Details

    - Presents agents with the context of the interaction with the customer - Guides agents through the transition of the conversation with the customer from service to sales - Automatically selects the best and the next best offers - Guides agents through the process of making the offer to the customer - Automates the taking of the order and enables agents to focus on the interaction at hand - Optimizes future customer interactions and sales - Enables to manage Agents Performance - Enables business users to define the logical strategies of sales flows, business rules, customer segments, guided dialogs and content required for a Service-to-Sales solution

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Audelia Boker


    Phone: +972 (9) 775-3652

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