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ISIMAN PaaS for Cloud

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ISIMAN PaaS for Cloud can be used by businesses to parameterize a totally new customized application in order to deploy and run it on an open cloud. This solution is usually used for migrating a full IS when it includes an application which is incompatible with the cloud's technical architecture.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    ISIMAN PaaS for Cloud can be used by businesses to parameterize a new customized application and integrate it into an IS before migration to an open cloud. The IS can belong to any functional domain: GRC, Fraud Prevention, ERP, CRM, QM, Accounting Controls, etc.
    ISIMAN PaaS for Cloud is particularly tailored for user-centric, process-driven applications. The business components are parameterized with ISIMAN Studio.  Each component is either repository oriented, including multi-components entities, or business process oriented, including specific entities. 
    ISIMAN Configurator generates the resulting application which consists of:

    • Highly customized forms & workflows for all business processes in the application
    • A personal business portal for every manager, executive, specialist, director and other end-users to access to their To Do and Done lists, Reports, Dashboard, etc.
    • Standard reports and ready-to-use analysis & reporting tools to leverage detailed data
    • Synchronous Connectors, Web Services and import/export programs for cooperation needs with other applications of the IS migrating to the Cloud

    The new application is automatically compliant with cloud prerequisites. It takes immediate advantage of all optimized characteristics of the ISIMAN Platform.

    Business Case

    All large and very large organizations in all sectors that want to migrate one full IS to a private cloud but have a key application that does not comply with cloud prerequisites. The ISIMAN framework makes it quick and easy to rebuild such an application and set up connectors to communicate with the other applications in the IS.
    The capacity to recreate this application and deploy it swiftly is a tremendous asset when very important projects are at stake..

    Business Problem

    • Swiftly make a full IS cloud-compliant by rebuilding a small subset of applications
    • Help big projects succeed in respect with time schedule and budget
    • Speed up transformation of an IS : save time and money

  • -Technical Details

    Government agencies and public bodies can easily expand/modify their IS to make it cloud compliant.

    In addition to the immediate compliance to the Cloud, the new ISIMAN Application offers:

    • A business portal for every manager involved in the business processes or html/rss dataflow to the existing business portal
    • A comprehensive set of reporting and data analysis Solutions (Datawarehouse and Hypercubes)
    • Synchronous connectors, Web services, import/export features for cooperation with other applications of the IS migrating to the cloud

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    Provider Information

    Name: Daniel Delpuech


    Phone: + 33 4 67 07 72 00

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