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Automate your cloud and increase productivity while reducing IT costs by centrally managing your IP address space and DNS/DHCP core network services from a single pane of glass. That’s the power of BlueCat Address Manager.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The growing size, dynamic and complexity of today’s networks and the exponential increase in mobile devices places a strain on IT departments. To simplify network management and make the most of your IT resources, you need a simple, scalable and easy-to-use IP address Management solution that automates common administration tasks and allows day-to-day network configuration activities to be delegated to helpdesk or local administrators – with full approval controls and auditing. BlueCat Address Manager delivers the world’s easiest-to-use IP Address Management platform. With a streamlined user interface and powerful features like workflow delegation and QuickActions, BlueCat Address Manager dramatically reduces the time required to perform daily network administration tasks such as adding hosts, IP addresses and DHCP information from minutes to seconds.

    BlueCat Address Manager seamlessly integrates with the BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server, as well as with Microsoft Windows DNS and DHCP, to provide a unified solution for managing your IP address space and core network services. Together, these products ensure that your business-critical IP address and name infrastructure is reliable, cost-effective, scalable and secure.

    Business Case

    Allocating new IP addresses is predominantly manual, whether they’re for deployment of new applications, introducing smartphones, or enabling manufacturing machinery to communicate across Ethernet. 

    • New devices will cause an explosion in IP addresses. The number of IP addresses will skyrocket from the average four per employee to hundreds with the explosion of mobile devices and non-IT devices connecting to the infrastructure.
    • Centralized and virtualized data centers will deliver global applications. The trend toward global application delivery out of centralized data centers will fuel additional demand on the network as workloads are moved on the fly to maximize hardware utilization. Virtualization is allowing applications to become fragmented and dispersed, which further increases the number of addresses under management.
    • Managing dynamic corporate environments will become more complex. End-to-end service levels can only be ensured if all of the components involved can be monitored and controlled.  Companies have to eliminate all possible causes of human error. All this must be done in light of the growing importance of service-level management, the rise of networked applications, and the decreasing tolerance of users if those applications are not working.
    • The exhaustion of IPv4 addresses will force a transformation to IPv6 systems. The world is running out of IPv4 addresses. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority gave out the last IP addresses to the five regions, the Asia Pacific Network Information Center gave out the last of its addresses, and subsequent regions will follow. Global companies will need to evolve to IPv6 infrastructure to connect to new customers, vendors, resources, and partners.

    Business Problem

    BlueCat DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) technology automates the management of IP and name spaces to accelerate cloud and virtualization deployments. With powerful workflow delegation and IT self-service, BlueCat Networks manages business-critical IP infrastructure and DNS/DHCP core network services.

  • -Technical Details

    • Prepare your infrastructure for IP-intensive initiatives like cloud, virtualization and BYOD
    • Centrally manage "everything IP" across your network with ease
    • Reduce the cost of managing DNS and DHCP core services
    • Quickly and easily provision IP addresses and core network services
    • View IP address and name space data across geographies, data centers and business units
    • Efficiently assign and delegate network configuration workflow with full approval controls and auditing
    • Grow your network infrastructure without fear of address overlaps or service outages

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Mark Pileski


    Phone: 416-646-8419

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