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Juniper Networks QFabric

Juniper Networks
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Juniper Networks QFabric changes the dynamics of data center networking, leading the evolution to a virtualized, converged, and cloud-ready data center. QFabric seamlessly integrates with any existing data center infrastructure, providing deployment flexibility without requiring replacement of the existing resources.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Juniper Networks QFabric architecture delivers quantum leap improvements in data center performance, operating cost and business agility. Engineered as a simplified, highly scalable data center network solution, QFabric enables a superior approach to building and securing virtualized data centers that eliminates the tradeoff between quality of experience and economics that plagues today's legacy networks. QFabric fundamentally simplifies the data center network by reducing the number of network devices and connections and centralizing management. The QFabric architecture is purpose-built to address the challenges posed by new trends in data center networking. It is the industry’s first truly scale-out architecture that allows users to build a network incrementally, with a single top-of-rack device enabling the connectivity to an additional rack of servers. With all components working together, the QFabric architecture behaves as a single logical switch that seamlessly integrates into the existing data center infrastructure. The QFabric architecture achieves this scale by several innovations in the data, management, and control planes. The combination of smart edge, simple transport in the data plane, single switch abstraction in the management plane, and the single collapsed forwarding technology for L2 and L3 in the control plane result in an environment that is low latency, high cross-sectional bandwidth, simple to manage, resilient, and spanning-tree free.

    Business Case

    In today’s data center, the network is the bottleneck preventing enterprises from realizing the full benefits of their information infrastructure. The traditional tree structure that has long dominated network design is outdated, and it introduces a host of problems that impede application performance, add operational overhead, and negatively impact the user experience. A change is needed to ensure that enterprises fully benefit from their investments in virtualization, cloud-based applications, and compute resources. Juniper Networks QFabric delivers that revolutionary data center design by creating a single tier network that operates like a single Ethernet switch. QFabric provides a quantum leap in scale, performance, and simplicity, while delivering the ability to support the fully converged and virtualized environments so crucial for today’s data centers. Today’s data center is the foundation of information-driven enterprises. Over the past decade, enterprises have invested heavily in—and benefited greatly from—advances in data center technology such as SOA, server virtualization, and cloud computing. What has not evolved, however, is the data center network itself. The network plays a vital role. Yet the traditional multi-tiered “tree” architecture that still dominates data center network design imposes a series of performance penalties that hinder enterprises from realizing the full potential of their investments in virtualization and other technologies. This is because the legacy tree architecture is simply too complex to manage and too topologically diverse to optimally leverage these innovations.

    Business Problem

    Firms are leveraging virtualization and convergence technologies to improve utilization, increase operational efficiency and cut costs. The complexity and rigidity of today’s legacy network architectures inhibit scalability. To achieve a fundamental improvement in both user experience and economics for the next-generation data center, Juniper developed QFabric, which eliminates complexity by collapsing the data center network into a single tier.

  • -Technical Details

    Optimized for performance and simplicity, Juniper Networks QFabric technology addresses the latency requirements of today’s applications, eliminates the complexity of legacy hierarchical architectures, scales elegantly, and supports virtualization, cloud computing, convergence, and other requirements for the next-generation data center. QFabric technology greatly simplifies the network architecture by eliminating unnecessary switch layers and the corresponding switch-to-switch interactions. Servers, storage, and other data center devices can be connected to the fabric seamlessly because of the fabric design’s high degree of scalability.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Jonathan Coleman


    Phone: 408-933-6268

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