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VidyoRouter Virtual Edition

Vidyo, Inc.
IBM PureFlex System
Provided by:Vidyo, Inc.
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Drastically lower the cost of your Telepresence initiative, align it with your server virtualization and cloud computing strategy, deliver low latency, high quality video conferencing to any mobile, PC, room and Telepresence user, scale capacity on demand, manage Telepresence infrastructure like other IBM applications.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    VidyoRouter Virtual Edition virtualizes multi-point Telepresence infrastructure on IBM’s new PureFlex systems. It enables service providers and enterprises alike, to lower deployment cost and increase services agility by leveraging deployed general purpose server infrastructure. The VidyoRouter Virtual Edition on IBM PureFlex enhances vertical applications workflow with high quality, multi-point video conferencing on a variety of mobile devices, laptops, and telepresence rooms, over any IP network. This approach aligns multi-point telepresence infrastructure with IT’s server virtualization initiative, giving customers on-demand capacity and service agility at a fraction of the cost of traditional video conferencing solutions.

    Business Case

    The traditional video conferencing market is underserved by two types of solutions: 1. Low cost solution such as Skype that offers low quality multipoint over the public Internet. 2. High quality solution such as Cisco Telepresence that offers mainly a site to site connection with a price tag of a $1M/site with a custom built studio and $10,000/month MPLS bandwidth. Vidyo has developed a new architecture that can deliver always high quality, multipoint video conferencing to any device over any network. This approach unlocks the video conferencing market potentials by allowing any user to join a high quality, low latency conference using any device, over any low cost general purpose IP network.

    Business Problem

    Now with VidyoRouter Virtual Edition on IBM PureFlex, organizations can roll out HD video conferencing services easily and securely just like any IBM application. Video conferencing will no longer be a complicated & siloed service isolated from server virtualization and cloud computing. The time for mass market, high quality video conferencing has come.

  • -Technical Details

    Designed from the ground up for low latency, HD-quality multipoint conferences, VidyoRouter™ is an essential component of the VidyoConferencing™ solution, it: *. Delivers HD multipoint conferences using H.264 SVC and Adaptive Video Layering™ technology, supporting up to 1440p/60fps with ultra-low latency (<20ms). *. Performs lightweight, efficient, transcoding-free video packet processing to route the best video stream to any endpoint (mobile, PC, room, Telepresence) based on its capabilities and network conditions. *. Eliminates the need for expensive QoS networks. *. Virtualizes these functions on IBM PureFlex platform.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Michal Raz


    Phone: 408-368-7449

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