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Version: 5
SmartGuide® provides an easy-to-use, multi-tenant development platform for Web and Cloud applications. SmartGuide's visual, drag-and-drop tools allow quickly building self-service, user-centric Web dialogues that result in improved productivity, faster time-to-market and higher adoption levels.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    SmartGuide provides organizations with the agility to quickly deliver intelligent online services to all their stakeholders while unleashing the full value of corporate IT assets and know-how. Whether you are looking to improve the quality or cost-effectiveness of service delivery, reduce inefficiencies or increase worker productivity, SmartGuide® can help you quickly build self-service applications and maintain them easily. SmartGuide allows you to:

    • Convert existing forms into "intelligent" Web forms by breaking them into a series of logical and user-friendly steps;
    • Create guided searches that provide users with answers that are entirely relevant to their stated needs;
    • Make recommendations, consult and interact with your clients, partners and employees in a highly personalized manner through interactive dialogs;
    • Unify access to disparate information and systems to present a single-window view and break free of departmental silos;
    • Keep users informed every step of the way as they deal with your organization.

    Business Case


    • Empower and engage business users to design and configure business applications;
    • Build, test and maintain applications easily with a full array of drag-and-drop tools;
    • Reach consensus quickly through rapid prototyping;
    • Work on the business, presentation and data layers in parallel from day one;
    • Re-use components across multiple applications.

    • Easily build online services while leveraging your existing IT assets and corporate know-how;
    • Cut development and maintenance time by up to 90%;
    • Optimize and enhance user experience;
    • Increase user adoption and compliance rates;
    • Improve quality and cost-effectiveness of service delivery;
    • Seamlessly integrate into any secure environment;
    • Deploy in-house or in the Cloud.

    Business Problem

  • Resource constraints, time-to-market and TCO of user-centric application development and deployment;
  • Cost overruns in application development and delivery failure;
  • Process requiring continuous application updating and change;
  • Self-service portal;
  • Enabling applications for the Cloud;
  • Intelligent electronic forms;
  • Facilitates Web services such as education or training.
  • -Technical Details

    • Drag-and-drop tools‒ Easily manage the entire content and business logic of your applications through WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop interfaces;
    • Natively supports creating interactive Web applications that adapt dynamically according to users' input;
    • Allows automatically building Web applications from PDF forms, XML schemas and WSDL files;
    • Auto-documentation‒ Automatically generate documentation of your applications;
    • Advanced built-in validations;
    • Zero-code Web services‒ Integrate SOAP and REST Web services using simple Web interfaces;
    • Facilitates system integration through Web services, extension functions and XML files.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Curtis Page


    Phone: 1-514-398-9799 ext 225

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