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Silverlake Retail Merchandizing & Retail Accounting System (PROFIT)

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Provided by:QR Retail Automation
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Version: 7.0
Silverlake Retail Merchandizing (PROFIT™) is a fully integrated retail system that provides the retailer with the objective of providing a comprehensive end to end business process tracking and monitoring, opportunity management, supply chain management, performance reporting, and decision support capabilities.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Silverlake Retail Merchandizing & Retail Accounting System (PROFIT™) is a secure, robust and highly scalable web-based retail merchandizing application, which caters to retailers’ current and future business and operational requirements. Built on over 20 years of retail expertise, PROFIT™ enables end-to-end automation of retail enterprise processes, supporting all functions along the retail value chain. PROFIT™ features include 1- lean and future-proof technology (fully web-based developed using JAVA J2EE). 2- incorporation of mature retail business processes built by retailers over 20 years. 3- robustness and scalability 4- allowing rapid increase and easy management of large numbers of stores, items, suppliers, transactions (e.g. of a current client supported: 120 stores in 3 countries with potential upside of 200 stores expansion, over 600,000 item SKUs and over 2 million daily sales transactions). 5- retail-specific financial management. 6- ability to cater and accurately attribute cost for perishable goods, recipe based goods, indent/import purchases. 7- consignment & concessionaire management. 8- multilingual user sign in-capabilities - English, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Traditional and Modern Chinese. 9- ease of extensions/enhancements of components such as supplier collaboration, CRM, POS and business intelligence.

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  • -Technical Details

    Planning & Open To Buy Buying (Purchase Order Management) Receiving Ticketing Distribution & Warehousing Inventory Management Stock Take Price Change Management Sales Processing Wholesale Management Front End Point of Sale System (POS) Performance Reporting Customer Loyalty System (CLS) Supplier Collaboration

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    Provider Information

    Name: Calvin Yong


    Phone: +60123190088

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