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Introducing GALIGEO, an all-new, powerful and easy to use Location Analytics software. Galigeo enable you to blend geographic, demographic, business, and competitive data with your customer information.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    By combining geographical dimensions with existing data from business intelligence applications, Galigeo’s location intelligence software helps companies gain critical insights from existing company data. Galigeo software connects your Business Intelligence (BI) to your Geographic Information System (GIS) and has all the tools to plot data directly to a map. Galigeo software connects your Business Intelligence (BI) to your Geographic Information System (GIS) and has all the tools to plot data directly to a map.

    Business Case

    Galigeo is used by a wide range of customers across industries, countries and functions. More than 100 companies in Europe and United States and over 50,000 users rely on the Galigeo location intelligence solutions to analyze, report, and manage spatial information assets for faster, smarter decision-making, real-time unified data access, and improved productivity. Galigeo combines its experience, expertise and R&D skills helping customers across a broad range of industry sectors as well as public institutions: - Pharmaceutical - Insurance - Local Governments & Public Agencies - Retail - Safety & Security - Telecommunications - Transport - Utilities & Energy

    Business Problem

    GALIGEO Location Intelligence can help you to optimize your business and improve your performance: - Data Visualization & Reporting - Geomarketing & Trade Areas Analysis - Law Enforcement - Regulatory & Environmental Compliance - Resource Allocation - Network Infrastructure Monitoring - Sales Territory Management

  • -Technical Details

    Location intelligence software provider Galigeo is proud to announce the release of Galigeo v12. This new version’s advanced queries, enhanced viewing functionality, and optimized performance make Galigeo a powerful tool for data analysis and decision making. Galigeo Location Intelligece - Key Features - Semantic Queries: Create your own expressions and query databases - User Data: Import and visualize your personal data - Advanced Visualization: Access advanced thematic visualizations (heat map point clustering, temporal mapping) - New Graphical Interface: Customizable graphic charter aptly suits users needs

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Thomas Lejars


    Phone: + 33 01 44 06 79 44

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