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Sopra Banking Lending - Collateral Management

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Provided by:SOPRA GROUP
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Sopra Banking Lending - Collateral Management is Sopra Banking Software’s answer to strategic challenges in the global management of collateral under Basel II regulations.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Sopra Banking Lending - Collateral Management helps banks manage collateral during its full lifecycle.

    The main objective of the software is to enable the permanent monitoring of collateral in compliance with business and regulatory requirements related to:

    ·  Identification and evaluation of conventional or judiciary collateral -- including control of juridical validity, calculation of credit coverage ratio, and the checking of required documents

    ·  Management of renewal schedules 

    ·  Automatic and manual revaluation of collateral

    ·  Document editing and monitoring

    ·  Information letter editing delivered yearly to collateral

    ·  Automatic and manual control of collateral quality and juridical validity

    ·  Monitoring of collateral during debt collection

    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    Sopra Banking Lending - Collateral Management helps banks:

    ·  Enhance risk management related to loans

    ·  Master the whole guarantee and collateral life cycle -- from initial registration to release

    ·  Cover conventional or judiciary collaterals

    ·  Insure a follow-up of collateral and compliance with regulatory and business constraints

    ·  Enhance information quality delivered to reporting systems

    ·  Share information for the benefit of each business line and bank entity 

    ·  Comply with internal/external audit

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Jean-Yves DUCHOSAL


    Phone: 0450333308

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