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Coheris Care is the client relationship management solution, dedicated to client support. Coheris Care supports you in implementing your client relationship strategy and assists you in better organizing your internal processes, optimizing customer interactions and effectively controlling the activities of your team.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Through global communication, facilitated by cellular telephones and social networks, consumers are becoming experts, more influential and volatile. The key to customer loyalty and obtaining new ambassadors is an agile and efficient customer service, supported by a rich and structured knowledge about customer interactions. The agility of your customer support service Coheris Care is the agile answer offered by Coheris to accompany your relationship strategy and optimize your customer service and call centers. Using Coheris Care: • Increases the efficiency of your contact center and ensures quality in the service offered, • Capitalizes on the knowledge gained from each customer contact, whatever the communication channel, • Anticipates customer needs and allows your teams to better respond in order to be more attentive, • Measures and analyzes the performance of teams to ensure customer satisfaction. Ready and available in SaaS, Coheris Care can be immediately operational, with a very low investment while maintaining full freedom to subsequently develop into other client relationship functions. Coheris Care offers Social CRM to listen and address social networks and communities. Coheris Care allows you to collects trends customer expectations and detect influential voices who could become your future ambassadors. This new customer knowledge feeds into analytical and predictive technologies used to generate new growth drivers and competitive advantages.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    Strengthen your customer requests • Extended customer record • Complaints, information requests, support/helpdesk Welcome, qualify and respond • Assisted recognition and SVI, CTI, “click to call’’ integration, • Knowledge base, FAQ, script qualification, library • Management of compensation, litigation, indemnification Ensuring quality of service and engagements • Define and respect QoS, SLA • Managing collaborative workflows, escalations, alerts Communicate and measure customer satisfaction • Information campaigns, reminders, etc. • Survey Satisfaction, NPS Drive your performance and your team • Your KPIs: response rates, availability, SLA compliance. • Agile analysis

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    Provider Information

    Name: Alice Bégué


    Phone: +33 (0)1 57 32 60 60

PureSystems patterns are part of a broad portfolio of PureSystems solutions for business, cloud, and infrastructure applications.

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