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CASSANDRA - Central Commission System

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Assessing provisions for complicated sales structures, where commissions depend on many dynamically changing parameters is a complicated problem. CCS allows provisions for complex sales structures to be effectively and easily calculated, independently of frequent changes to parameters affecting the calculation algorithms.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    CENTRAL COMMISSION SYSTEM possesses a functionality for business users to model sales network in an unlimited way, for any organization or products. There are no restrictions on the number of supported organizations, distribution networks. Their size and complexity is the basic functionality to support management and development of sales networks regardless of the size of the sales organization.

    Functionality and structure of the system allow for making changes effective immediately or within a certain period of time without having to modify the system code, and thus no IT involvement is required once the system had been deployed and integrated with the sales management system(s) of the organization.

    This greatly simplifies and shortens the process of change and requires no modification and testing of the system.

    All definitions of:

    - product space;

    - sales network space;

    - commission rules space;

    - business events area are illustrated graphically,to be intuitive and user-friendly for a business user.

    Calculation of commission for a network based on data collected at specified period of times is carried out fully automatically and the resulting output can be also automatically transferred to other systems such as personnel and payroll and/or reported on.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details


    - better and much more dynamic management of your sales organization;more flexible and significantly less costly commission calculation process;

    - real and unrestricted transfer of decision-making power to business users without involving IT in the organization;

    - introduction of a very powerful IT achievement in the form of rule technology to your organization, which can be used to optimize further areas of your business (many case studies of similar scenario can be provided upon request)

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    Provider Information

    Name: Dariusz Dubielis


    Phone: +48 602 269 425

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