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GEOS is an integrated online system for high-performance 24x7 STP of securities & derivatives in real time for international banks and financial institutions. GEOS also stands for - Platform independence - High level of scalability - Multi-client, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-channel, multi-tier capabilities
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    With GEOS, Vienna-based Software Daten Service (SDS) provides international banks and financial services providers with a high-performance software solution for securities and derivatives processing. The end-to-end STP automation in GEOS includes all customer- and market-related processes. The software supports and enables standardised workflows in the front, middle and back office. GEOS simplifies the processing of both complex and high-volume transactions, prevents redundancies and automates routine procedures. GEOS can be integrated with advisory desks and internet front ends, which allows for institute-specific "branding". Integrated interfaces to other internal systems, external data feeds and electronic exchanges are also key to the overall high level of automation. GEOS stands for - Automation: Efficient securities processing based on straight through processing and exception handling - Efficiency: Economies of scale through handling multiple legal entities within a single installation - Scalability: From small specialist banks to large transaction banks - Flexibility: Wherever you need it, whenever you need it GEOS supports all relevant ISO 15022 securities messages with more than 60 In-/Out-SWIFT message types and the ISO 20022 standard. It has been awarded the SWIFTReady Gold Securities Settlement Label several times, which confirms its worldwide leading position in the securities processing area.

    Business Case

    GEOS stands for exceptional service quality, cost efficiency and flexibility. The system is primarily designed to shorten processing cycles as well as to optimise and extensively automate business processes. It therefore allows for efficient securities processing within its cross-border STP design and 24x7 real-time processing. The organisational and technical scalability of GEOS makes the solution ideal both for independent deployment in medium-sized and large private or universal banks as well as for large transaction volumes in group or syndicate IT centres or transaction banks that also give small private banks access to high-end systems. - Business process outsourcing (BPO) and application service providing (ASP) enabled by multiple legal entity capability. The handling of multiple legal entities in a single installation leads to synergy effects through the bundling of processes and economies of scale through increased transaction volumes. - Cross-border operations - Unlimited growth through unlimited scalability - 24/7 availability – no "end-of-day" - Greater cost effectiveness (unit costs drop while transaction volumes rise) - Flexibility through seamless integration of GEOS with other banking systems (component-based/service-oriented architecture) SDS focuses on the customers' need for security and service continuity and recognises the cost awareness of its customers.

    Business Problem

    GEOS is the core system for an integrated securities and derivatives processing.

  • -Technical Details

    - Trading & settlement for securities and standardised derivatives (order management, fully automated order routing, execution, trade matching, settlement) - Position keeping & corporate actions (real-time position keeping, valuation using current prices, integrated custodian holdings reconciliation, fully automated STP CA processing, central CA processing for multiple legal entities) - Supporting systems (reference data, accounting calculation and parameterisation) - Highly customisable engine for conditions and the calculation of fees, taxes, interest etc. - Integrated exception handling (central point of control for all exceptions, role-based assignment of exceptions)

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    Provider Information

    Name: Alexander Birkl


    Phone: +43-1-24056-0

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