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Fundamo Enterprise Edition

Fundamo (Pty) Ltd
Provided by:Fundamo (Pty) Ltd
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IBM and Fundamo offer Banks and Telco's an enterprise mobile financial services platform that can be deployed standalone or in parallel to an existing banking system to provide:High volume STP processing, enablement of new products and services, connectivity and compliance for increased wallet share, ARPU and reduced churn.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Fundamo Enterprise Edition provides an enabling platform through which Mobile Network Operators, Banks and Financial service providers can offer financial services to end users that they can access through multiple access channels. It provides an interoperable platform with connectivity to the financial ecosystem, other enterprise systems and various end user access channels like STK, Smartphone applications, SMS, USSD, IVR, WAP, Internet and Card through a set of generic real-time or batch interfaces.

    Through configuration and client specific integration extensions, a unique end to end solution can be provided to satisfy various business needs. Configuration provides for the rapid deployment of the platform in multiple different countries with different regulatory requirements, multiple currencies and multiple languages. KYC attributes and their business rules can be configured dynamically. New products aimed at specific market segments of end users can be configured to each contain their own set of services, channels, limits, fees and commission.

    The Fundamo platform provides account management, real-time transaction processing, pre-paid and debit card issuing, client data management, front office and back office functionality that can be deployed as a basic core banking platform or in addition to an existing core banking platform.

    It also has a compliance module that provides risk management, AML and business analytic functionality to the platform owner.

    Business Case

    Mobile Payments Platform

    • High volume transactions
    • Regional payments
    • Regional & local remittances
    • Micro-payments

    Shared Service Platform

    • Banks
    • Mobile Network Operators
    • Consumer Brands
    • Hosted technologies SAAS, IAAS, Cloud

    White Label Platform

    • Mobile consumer accounts
    • Pre-paid accounts
    • E-money accounts

    Core Mobile Banking Platform

    • Mobile optimised
    • Account activation
    • Transaction processing
    • Account administration

    Scalable platform

    • Multi-tenant
    • Multi-brand
    • Multi-product
    • Speed to market configuration

    Business Problem

    Extending Financial Inclusion to the Unbanked

    Reducing time-to-market

    Reducing Cost

    Reducing Risk

    Reduce dependency on scarce-skill in-house resources

    Reduce the risks associated with maintenance and upgrades of technology using future proofed technologies

    Embracing the Evolution of Mobile Financial Services

  • -Technical Details

    End user Functionality Supported:

    • Load & Unload of mobile account
    • Account Queries
    • Pay Beneficiaries
    • Payments to other mobile wallets or external bank accounts
    • Account Transfers
    • Balance Change Notifications
    • Authorisation of Payment requests
    • International Remittance: GCash , Western Union
    • Token based cash to cash
    • Bill and Utility Payments
    • Ecommerce payment
    • PIN Changes

    Core Banking Capabilities:

    • Product, Client and Agent Management
    • Pricing & Commission
    • Risk Management
    • Reconciliation & Settlement
    • Front & Back office Admin

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Debra Ogilvie or Shanee Adams


    Phone: +27 21 9707662

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