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Global PAYplus Services Platform™ (GPP-SP)

Fundtech LTD
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Fundtech’s Global PAYplus Services Platform™ (GPP-SP) is a state-of-the-art, agile global payment services hub. It is designed to extend Global PAYplus’s market-leading performance, scalability, and reliability to a SOA-compliant platform.
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    Pattern Overview

    The highlights of Fundtech’s Global PAYplus Services Platform solution include: -Rules-driven payment workflow management system. GPP-SP's uControl rules engine allows business professionals to drive new payments services from inception to market in real time with no IT intervention. -Flexibility. Existing and emerging payment channels and interfaces (e.g., partner transactions, mobile, business application monitoring) can be easily integrated thanks to GPP-SP's service component architecture, providing a consistent and streamlined payment management environment. -Superior orchestration based on a 2-tier approach: coarse grain and fine grain service orchestration. -Standards compliance. Fundtech is fully committed to cross-vendor interoperability. GPP-SP lives up to this promise by offering native support for ISO 20022, XML messaging, SOA and industry-standard ESBs. The combination of these elements with GPP-SP's rich Web services on a single code base delivers a customisable payment management solution which is also highly functional in its original state. Global PAYplus Services Platform was designed to deliver Global PAYplus's well-established performance, scalability, and reliability on a SOA-compliant platform.

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  • -Technical Details

    Global PAYplus - SP has an extensive suite of SOA services that can be deployed according to an institution’s strategic business and technology plan: • Payments functionality deployed as SOA services can be preconfigured or individually composed. Global PAYplus - SP is a payment application - not a tool kit. • Services can be reused by other applications within the institution – adding new capabilities and extending the useful life of the existing applications. • Creating new business processes with a suite of services speeds up time-to-market by virtually eliminating development.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Yossi Shoval


    Phone: +972-9-9590429

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