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Netsnapper is a comprehensive solution for Telecoms as well as for Corporates, aiming at optimizing all IP based data traffic, irrespective of content. Its key features are compression, seamless switching between traffic layers, session persistence, encryption, user and SIM management and comprehensive interface cockpit.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Netsnapper is the fully fledged convergence solution to optimize all IP based data traffic for Telecom Network Operators and corporates
    Netsnapper is a client-server based appliance, with a pure software client for mobile data end-devices. The client runs on all common hard- and software platforms. An additional proxy server optimzies streaming media data clientless
    For Network Operators, Netsnapper generates cost savings by unburdening their mobile broadband networks through data compression and header optimization (25% compression rates depending on content) and by offloading to alternative traffic layers (WiFi, terrestrial, etc). Netsnapper's session persistence feature further reduces data traffic by eliminating the need to re-transmit data after an interrupt in the connection between the client and the server. The operator will also benefit from a comprehensive management platform which allows to group users into different user groups and specify access rights and limits. Netsnapper also constitutes a perfect platform to offer new VAS relying on fast, secure connections.
    For corporates, Netsnapper offers a comprehensive data solution including VPN security and user management.
    For end-users, Netsnapper enhances data experience by providing faster and more stable data connections at no additional cost and fully hands-free.
    Netsnapper is built and can be implemented modularly. It also offers a DMC based implementation module and a SIM and comprehensive interface manager.

    Business Case

    For operators, the solution generates cost savings from day 1 of implementation through reduced OPEX and reduced CAPEX; it slows down ARPU decline and reduces churn through increased customer satisfaction. Operators can substitute expensive mobile bandwidth through cheaper WiFi (Hotspots) and terrestrial connections (home, office). Netsnapper eliminates the need for other 3rd party clients to manage connectivity or VPNs, and it also provides a platform for additional VAS requiring fast, stable, secure connections. Deployment of the client is easy, it can be pre-installed on new devices or deployed OTA through different means. Configuration of the client is automated based on information from the operator’s IMEI database. Operators can use Netsnapper as marketing tool claiming overall better data service than their competitors. Besides saving on running and investment costs, they can generate additional income through additional VAS, or by selling the service to corporates.
    For corporates and government agencies, Netsnapper delivers a comprehensive data communication package which is easy to deploy and allows for customized user group management. Again, the need to integrate and interface with different 3rd party solutions is eliminated.
    End-users profit from fast, stable and secure mobile broadband connections, and possibly from lower data costs, when billed on throughput. End-users can stay connected anywhere where any form of broadband is available and at all times.

    Business Problem

    Ever increasing mobile bandwidth consumption: Through compression, elimination of redundant data traffic and traffic layer substitution, the operator can roll out expensive new antenna sites at lower speed and also substitute them through hotspots.
    Additional income due to new VAS and lower bandwidth production costs help slow down ARPU decrease.
    Higher end-user satisfaction leads to more customer loyalty and reduces costs of churn.

  • -Technical Details

    Fully out of band solution, application transparent; all services work fully bidirectionally.
    Compression: Full loss-less compression, plus content adaptation for streaming data.
    Seamless Switching: data traffic always routed through the best available traffic layer (terrestrial, WiFi, WiMax, xG).
    Session Persistence: data sessions kept alive on server side during interrupted connections to client.
    Security: Tunneling with constant authentication, different levels of encryption.
    Management platform: full user management with web interface.
    Deployment module: Automatic client configuration based on IMEI.
    Interface management: No other connection manager needed.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Sinan Ünesen


    Phone: +41 43 388 20 50

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