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MIMIX Global seamlessly extends two-node MIMIX Availability topologies to three or more nodes for added HA/DR protection without the added complexity.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    MIMIX Global takes the HA/DR protection delivered by MIMIX Availability to the highest possible level by allowing you to easily incorporate multiple local or remote high availability or disaster recovery servers into your MIMIX environment. MIMIX Global also enables easy management of a blend of HA/DR servers and replicate servers designed to offload real-time data for queries, reports, month-end processing and more.

    MIMIX Global increases your protection by adding additional servers to your HA/DR environment that can take over the production workload at a moment’s notice. It dramatically reduces the complexity of switching in multi-node environments by efficiently rerouting replication paths between servers, whether HA/DR servers or replicate servers.

    MIMIX Global ensures that the complexity of multiple server protection stays under the covers, hidden by seamless integration with the browser-based, graphical MIMIX interface. As a result you can switch a MIMIX environment with 10 servers at the push of a button, just as easily as you would switch two servers.

    Business Case

    MIMIX Global extends the benefits of MIMIX Availability to multi-node HA/DR environments.

    • Virtually eliminates the IT and business costs and consequences of downtime.
    • Enhances business continuity for your customers, partners, and employees.
    • Facilitates compliance with regulatory mandates and service level agreements for data protection and availability.
    • Enables improved decision making by feeding a data warehouse or reporting server with real-time data that is kept in sync with the production server, even after a switch.

    Business Problem

    The pace of global commerce dictates the need for a flexible, resilient and available IT infrastructure that provides 24x7 access to applications and data. Any downtime, planned or unplanned, poses a threat to business operations and can have a significant impact on your reputation and revenue.  Simple management of multiple local and remote HA/DR servers provides the added protection you need to ensure business continuity.

  • -Technical Details

    Adding MIMIX Global to a MIMIX Availability HA/DR environment with three or more nodes provides maximum flexibility for multiple-node management and enables all possible switch scenarios to local or remote HA servers with ease.  MIMIX Global operations are managed using the same browser-based MIMIX views and push-button switch operations used for managing a two-node environment.

    MIMIX Global also enables you to manage servers used only for queries and reports, tape backups, or other read-only operations. These “replicate nodes” receive replicated data from the current primary server, but are not eligible to become the primary server.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Judy Olson


    Phone: 1 (800) 957-4511

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