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MIMIX Global, part of the MIMIX Availability product family, extends two-node HA topologies to multiple nodes. In addition, MIMIX Global extends and enhances PowerHA™ for IBM i technologies with SYSBAS protection and integration of PowerHA technologies into the Vision Solutions Portal for simple, centralized management.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    MIMIX Global is part of the MIMIX Availability product family. Its purpose is two-fold. First, it extends traditional two-node HA topologies to multi-node environments where it simplifies switching between nodes while maintaining protection to all other nodes. Second, it extends and enhances PowerHA for IBM i technologies by providing protection for SYSBAS objects and applications and integrating PowerHA technologies into the Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) for simple, centralized management and monitoring from any device with a browser.

    • MIMIX Global - Base Edition supports 3 or more fully switchable MIMIX nodes and is offered as a companion to MIMIX Professional or MIMIX Enterprise.
    • The MIMIX Global - PowerHA Editions extend and enhance PowerHA for IBM i technologies. In addition to protecting SYSBAS objects and applications, they fully integrate PowerHA technologies under the VSP for simple, centralized management. Available standalone or as companions to MIMIX Enterprise, the PowerHA Editions of MIMIX include: MIMIX Global - IASP Edition (supports IBM i OS and V7000 based replication technologies) and MIMIX Global - SAN Edition (adds support for DS8000 SAN based replication to the IASP edition technologies).


    Business Case

    MIMIX Global extends the benefits of MIMIX Availability to multi-node and PowerHA for IBM i environments.

    • Virtually eliminates the IT and business costs and consequences of downtime.
    • Enhances business continuity for your customers, partners, and employees.
    • Ensures that your servers are ready to switch.
    • Facilitates compliance with regulatory mandates and service level agreements for data protection and availability.
    • Boosts IT productivity and accelerates your business processes.
    • Achieves a rapid ROI by recovering the time and expense that would be lost to downtime.

    Business Problem

    The pace of global commerce today dictates the need for a flexible, resilient and available IT infrastructure that provides 24x7 access to applications and data. Any downtime, planned or unplanned, poses a threat to business operations and can have a major impact on your reputation and revenue. Simple management of multiple HA installations and technologies helps you easily monitor and manage the HA systems that ensure business continuity.

  • -Technical Details

    MIMIX Global - Base Edition

    • Supports three or more nodes from a single user interface.
    • Provides application level coordinated switchover management of multi-node environments.

    MIMIX Global - IASP Edition and MIMIX Global - SAN Edition

    • Protects SYSBAS objects and applications that cannot be replicated with IASP-based hardware HA.
    • Provides a simple, centralized management interface for monitoring and  control from any device with a browser.
    • Offers robust cluster management with or without underlying logical replication.
    • Integrates hybrid PowerHA and MIMIX environments under a single interface.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Judy Olson


    Phone: 1 (800) 957-4511

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