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Weberon's BSUITE, available as an appliance, combines IBM middleware and PureSystems with an integrated expert pattern, for enterprises to quickly adopt industry best practices for messaging, managing human resources, leave requisition/approval workflow, telemarketing/sales tracking, and context-based sharing of content.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    BSUITE is a 'Secure Intranet' comprised of a suite of business applications, embedded with industry best practices in the areas of :

    • Secure Messaging
    • Human resources management, including
    • leave requisition/approval workflow,
    • Telemarketing with Do Not Call support & Lead management, and
    • Repository for sharing corporate content securely, both internally & externally.

    Accessing corporate data and ability to participate in corporate business processes is based on the context in which each employee is required to function, and not determined by your business administrator. BSUITE gives you this ability of context-based access to corporate data.

    BSUITE gives the ability for users to work from anywhere, even when NOT connected to the Internet. Modifications are automatically replicated to your Intranet, on your next connection to Internet.

    While many organizations have stand-alone apps addressing these business needs, data is silo-ed and not available to other apps. BSUITE lays the foundation for an integrated infrastructure, where data entered once is available across the enterprise, and access is based on the roles.

    A vertical flavor of BSUITE is available for mortgage banking, encapsulates industry standard practices for mortgage loan processing and support for Realtors in residential/commercial real-estate. Visit, for more details.

    Business Case

  • Deploy a secure Intranet within hours and experience a tighter collaboration amongst your employees, even when geographically dispersed. Work in your Intranet even when not connected to the Internet.
  • You can jump-start efficiency in business operations by adopting industry standard best practices for personnel management including leave/approval workflow and policy management.
  • Communicate organization policies to all employees and seek acceptance via digital sign-off.
  • Define leave policy and adopt best practices for leave application and approval workflow across the enterprise.
  • On-board & Off-board employees in addition to conducting performance reviews to maintain personnel history and skills inventory in the enterprise.
  • Provide online employee directory for each employee to be able to connect (via secure chat) and collaborate with fellow employees.
  • Access 'chat history' to summarize past interactions with colleagues.
  • Business Problem

    Employees need to have access to corporate data to be able to perform their job responsibilities more efficiently. Assign roles to employees based on job responsibilities. Provide an infrastructure to collaborate via integrated secure chat and context-sensitive access to related data

  • Communicate policies to all employees and seek acceptance via digital sign-off.
  • Foster business process automation via pre-defined workflows.
  • -Technical Details

    Any enterprise needing to adopt industry standard best practices for streamlining typical business processes in the following areas, benefit by using BSUITE for improving operational efficiency:

    • Secure messaging with collaboration,
    • HR management including leave requisition workflow,
    • Telemarketing with campaigns & sales force automation
    • Skills Identification
    • Deployed within hours, you can quickly realize operational efficiencies within your enterprise. Adopt business process that are of immediate value, and grow into adopting additional industry standard processes in the future to further streamline your business operations and gain efficiency.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Praveen Kumar


    Phone: 1-925-480-7492

  • PureSystems patterns are part of a broad portfolio of PureSystems solutions for business, cloud, and infrastructure applications.

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