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FMRP Plan for Every Part (PFEP)

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The Plan for Every Part (PFEP) module of the FMRP Supply Chain Workbench is a collaboration tool used to improve the visibility of items in the supply chain. Engineers, planners, production operations, material handlers & suppliers are provided with the necessary information to make, timely, accurate business decisions.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The PFEP module is a web-based planning system built around a central repository of all part, packaging, costing and logistical information. Our PFEP application is more than a logistical database with additional capabilities of supplier collaboration, capacity planning, demand visualization and part delivery method analysis. Our PFEP application provides access to shared, secured information including:

    •  Part dimensions
    •  Part image
    •  MRP areas where used and where stored
    •  Packaging information
    •  Supplier information
    •  Internal logistics information
    •  External logistics information
    •  Item forecast
    •  Plant item demand based on master production schedule
    •  Supplier capacity and lead time constraints
    •  Point of use part delivery method statistics
    •  Container catalog
    •  Container tracking
    •  Container maintenance

    Business Case

    Our web based PFEP module provides for collaboration throughout the supply chain. Our “Plan for Every Part” (PFEP) has the following benefits:


    1. Cost saving access to identical information throughout the supply chain
    2. Reduced packaging costs with packaging standardization
    3. Reduced transportation cost with optimized freight utilization
    4. Improved material flow efficiencies
    5. Shortened product launch times by understanding supply base constraints
    6. Minimized obsolescence by understanding actual demand
    7. Minimized inventory
    8. Improved visibility for problem solving

    Business Problem

    Our web based PFEP addresses a key business problem area.  Specifically, poor access to part data to make critical business decisions is solved with a globally accessible planning system that puts information in the hands of key decision makers.   Whether it is understanding your supply base to meet demand for a new product launch or evaluating efficient material flow through a supply chain, our PFEP provides timely, accurate information.

  • -Technical Details

    •  Bill of material import
    •  Master production schedule import
    •  Material release import
    •  Maintain container catalog, container classifications, dimensions and pictures
    •  Maintain trading partners (customers and suppliers) contact and location information
    •  Maintain packaging components
    •  Calculate required number of containers
    •  Identify supplier capacity and lead time constraints and resolution
    •  Analyze supplier’s ability to meet demand
    •  Analyze item forecast to actual plant demand
    •  Analyze part delivery method statistics at point of use
    •  Packaging development project management

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Chuck Morris


    Phone: 1-(205)444-1185

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