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Innovation Insurer, an integrated browser-based suite that includes Insurer Policy, Insurer Analytics, and Insurer Claims. It is an End-to-End solution with one Data Model, One Rules Engine, one Process Engine and one common set of Administration Tools that supports the end-to-end insurance value chain.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Innovation Insurer, is an integrated browser-based suite that includes Policy, Claims and Insurance specific Analytics functions in one suite. It allows companies to choose complete, end-to-end applications or, alternatively, functionally rich, stand-alone business components that leverage their existing IT investment.

    The product is a stable, proven and scalable solution that has rich functionality that is continually enhanced to incorporate emerging market trends via a well defined Product Management process. Our wide array of portals provide a rich set of functionality that support an array of roles from customer, service centre, assessors, repair shops, or other partners.

    Insurer Policy is functionally-rich, enterprise-wide JEE-based, SOA-certified, rules-based full policy management solution includes portals including direct, underwriting, billing, reinsurance and insurance-specific analytics. With 80% top 20 insurers as customers, we incorporate best practices that “future-proof”, providing a cost-effective solution for all companies.

    Insurer Claims provides end-to-end claims management for P&C insurance, including FNOL, claims segmentation and assignment, integrated fraud detection, subrogation support, supply chain management, and claims reporting dashboards.

    Insurer Analytics is a functionally-rich out of the box Business Intelligence suite with a comprehensive set of standard reports and KPIs built specifically for Insurance.

    Business Case

    The challenges faced by Insurers are significant, and include:

    • Market consolidation
    • Rising cost inflation
    • Increased price competition
    • Reduced customer loyalty

    These changes continue to fundamentally re-shape the insurance sector, placing unprecedented pressure on margins, yet creating opportunities for those prepared to respond.

    Our team is comprised of insurance, business and technology experts who have extensive experience in insurance operations. We have designed and delivered business solutions for a wide range of providers, delivering measurable results in insurance operations – including:

    • Delivering product to market at a faster pace
    • Increasing margins through flexible underwriting
    • Enhancing customer service (and subsequent retention)
    • Reducing operational expense
    • Identifying and eliminating leakage through industry specific analytics
    Our solutions provide operational value now, and, longer-term sustainable value to power the growth and agility needed to respond to future market changes.

    Business Problem

    The challenges faced by Insurers include:

    • Market consolidation
    • Rising cost inflation
    • Increased price competition
    • Reduced customer loyalty

    These changes have fundamentally re-shaped the sector, placing unprecedented pressure on margins.

    The internet, as a means to both distribute and interact with customers, has shifted the ground further and predictive/responsive use of data has delivered further competitive opportunity.

  • -Technical Details

    Insurer Policy

    • Sales - Quote/Conversion
    • Underwriting - approval/referral
    • Administration - back office
    • Billing/Collections - premium mgt
    • Rating - pricing policy mgt
    • Policy /Channel Management - MTA/MTC; Agent Commissions
    • Audit - comprehensive auditing capability

    Insurer Claims

    • First Notification - incident recording
    • Vehicle/Property Damage - repair mgt
    • Injury - injury mgt
    • Litigation - legal mgt
    • Investigation - counter fraud

    Insurer Analytics

    • Portal/Dashboard - results distribution
    • Analytics - data mining
    • Reporting - Insurance specific reporting
    • Monitor (KPIs) - exception reporting

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Robert Thomson, MD (UK); George Kyriakis, VP Marketing & Channels (North America); Ian Visser, Group Executive (Australia)


    Phone: +44 (0)1489 794068 (UK )

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