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FLEXTERA Front is a high-performance and flexibly scalable software solution designed for automation of front office operations at retail banks and insurance companies. The solution is based upon up-to-date industrial technologies, built in the multi-level architecture on the basis of J2EE technologies with application of SOA principles.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    FLEXTERA Front allows the Bank to create a wide network of presence points, at that, with the minimum costs associated with their launch, support and maintenance.

    A point of interest of the solution consists in integrated support of DBO channels:

    • Internet banking for natural persons
    • SMS-banking.

    The possibility for operative adjustment of user interfaces and pageflow allows to facilitate to the maximum extent and to regulate the process of entry of information, preparation of documents and other duties of transaction officers at the front office. This allows for establishment of the maximum efficient process of sale of the bank retail services.

    Thanks to the in-built means of monitoring the solution allows to regularly execute assessment of performance of "sellers" of retail services, identify "bottlenecks" and efficiently eliminate the same.

    The solution also provides for means of stimulation of sales, in particular, support of cross sales and repeated sales.

    The front office solution FLEXTERA Front covers the entire range of retail banking services – sale and discharge of credits, handling of delayed credits, cash operations, information services, payments and transfers, deposits, plastic cards.

    At the same time, thanks to the fact that modules of the solution are independent the bank may progressively increase the used retail solution in accordance with its strategy.

    Business Case

    The centralized system for deployment of FLEXTERA Front in a multi-branch retail bank and low requirements to communication channels allows to fully support the possibility for territorial expansion of the bank.

    FLEXTERA Front gives the possibility for development of presence points of various scales and specializations, at that, the terms of launch and costs of organization and support of such presence point are extremely low.

    Thanks to the realized solution update technology in the course of work operation of bank establishments in the regime 24х7х365 is fully ensured.

    Due to successful ergonomics of the solution which has been designed taking into account typical tasks of transaction officers and unloaded from back office functions as well as on account of the possibility for adjustment (using the tools included in the set) of schemes and processes for fulfilment of retail operations of the bank a guaranteed high quality of operation is ensured even in case of relatively low qualification of users. At that, the well considered scheme for separation of access ensures the highest level of safety even in an extremely wide network of presence points.

    The multi-channel front office provides for combination of any communication channels and servicing of clients and the unified technology for processing of clients' orders in the face-to-face mode and in the remote banking mode allows to gradually transfer clients to electronic formats of service provision which are more innovative and beneficial to the bank.

    The solution provides for support of cross sales and repeated sales.

    Business Problem

    Use of FLEXTERA Front allows to increase the quality of retail banking servicing on account of ensuring flexible adjustable electronic document flow and product line and in-built means for monitoring of efficiency of business operations of the bank. The Bank gets the possibility to provide its clients with a wide range of services, implementation thereof does not become a burden for the bank but is the source of competitive advantages.

  • -Technical Details

    The integrated front-office solution Diasoft FA# Retail.Front represents a line of modules necessary for automation of operation of various presence points of the bank – from the simple point of credit sales up to full functional departments and additional offices as well as for organization of remote servicing of bank’s clients.

    The set of modules includes the following:

    • Acceptance and processing of requests for credits (consumer, auto, mortgage)
    • Scoring
    • Servicing of credit contracts
    • Servicing of deposits
    • Transfers
    • Remote cash office
    • Execution of transfers without opening of an account
    • Elements of the CRM system
    • Internet-client
    • SMS banking.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Tatiana Igumensheva


    Phone: +7 (495) 780-7575

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