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Task management solution that enables retailers to plan, execute and monitor tasks and compliance levels in all stores. Corporate can coordinate planning, optimize store workload, manage by exception and view completion levels in realtime. Closed-loop system supports two-way feedback for continuous improvement.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The Reflexis task management application for Store Execution Management enables retailers to streamline communications, optimize workload, boost store level productivity and create a consistently positive consumer experience that drives increased sales. With the solution, which is among the first applications to be certified as Ready for IBM PureSystems, IBM's new family of expert integrated systems, corporate planning is coordinated, with the ability to view the task assignment and completion levels in all stores. Streamlined procedures deploy project and routine tasks to stores across the enterprise.

    Projects (consisting of logical groups of tasks) are created, refined and scheduled by corporate planners, receive appropriate business and gatekeeper reviews and are deployed to targeted stores. Stores report their progress in real-time to provide status visibility across the enterprise. Task based alerts enable prompt management by exception and performance metrics provide feedback to corporate planners.

    The Result: Seamlessly consistent execution, real-time visibility and proactive resolution of issues lead to increased revenues and reduced costs.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

    Uncertainty in stores of what to do. Eliminates need for store managers to have to wade through hundreds of vague, duplicate, and unprioritized communications from corporate and regional Inability of HQ to monitor completion status of important projects such as recalls, promotions, price changes, and new product introductions Lack of visibility into who has done what and when. Inability of stores to provide feedback to HQ what's not working

  • -Technical Details

    Simulate and evaluate impact of project workload on stores Adjust lower priority project timelines to slower times in stores so employees not overloaded with work Create role-based interfaces with information and views appropriate to person's responsibilities in the organization Provide store managers with single prioritized to-do list with color-coded displays highlighting key metrics related to project completion status Provide regional and corporate managers with color-coded displays to manage by exception and quickly identify and focus on critical areas of non-compliance Enable Store employees to provide structured and unstructured feedback to HQ to support continuous improvement

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Dave Andrews


    Phone: 781-493-3400

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