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A fully integrated enterprise analytics solution that delivers information to all levels of an organization. Empowers users to access, query, analyze, and share information where it’s needed -- with scalability, flexibility, and speed. Enabled for z, Power, Linux on Power, Pure Systems, and Watson.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    WebFOCUS is a comprehensive and fully integrated enterprise analytics software solution which delivers information to all levels of an organization: executive, analytical, and operational. WebFocus, enabled on all IBM servers/cloud, makes any data available, accessible and meaningful to every person or application that needs it, when and how they need it. Users can access any data source - Hadoop/big data, ERP, CRM - cleanse that data, and position it for analytics that informs, educates, and improves decision making across an organization.  WebFOCUS empower users to access, query, analyze, and share information where it's needed -- with maximum scalability, flexibility, and speed. You can deploy WebFOCUS on an IBM z, Pure System, Watson, Blue Mix/Cloud, Power, Linux on Power, or System i.


    Business Case

    Information Builders is the leader in enterprise integration and operational business intelligence. WebFOCUS the industry's most scalable, secure and flexible meets all the reporting needs of the extended enterprise, from analysts to power users to the widest deployments for hundreds of thousands of users. iWay integrates systems in real time, near-real time or on a scheduled basis. It provides a complete reusable infrastructure for EAI, B2B, e-commerce and mobile business. Intelligent Adapters connect to over 200 packaged applications, transaction systems, legacy data, relational databases and e-business formats, without writing custom code. iWay significantly reduce the time, cost, effort and risk of integration projects.

    Business Problem

    WebFOCUS provides a data mart using point-of-sale and legacy information to pull information from the data mart into a central merchandising dashboard visible to authorized users throughout the organization. The solution extends these capabilities to external suppliers through dynamic reporting options.

  • -Technical Details

    WebFOCUS features:

    • Self-optimizing autonomic servers whose workload and traffic management and capacity planning eliminate complexity, improve system performance and dramatically reduce TCO
    • A unifying integration infrastructure that accesses, reconciles, cleanses and prepares any and all data for business intelligence use
    • Service-oriented architecture support with the ability to create, consume and publish Web services
    • Simplified developer and end-user interaction, with advanced visualization and deep integration with email, maps, Brief marketing sentence that describes the best your solution: Enterprise business intelligence

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Adam Cohen


    Phone: 212 736 4433

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