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e.s@b is a software package allowing a bank to offer its individual and corporate clients internet processing for all their banking transactions. It offers a large range of on line banking products and services in order to Get information on transactions Process banking transactions Subscribe products Transfer files.
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    Pattern Overview

    e.s@b is a solution fully integrated with SAB Back-end but it is also a stand-alone solution. It can be integrated with other 3rd parties solutions (insurance, asset management …) or an existing corporate portal. - KISS access (Keep It Simple and Stupid) - Access via a PC or a smartphone - Secure and regularly audited by our clients audit departments or external companies - Fully parameterizable - Module of administration provided in order to manage logon, setting of parameters and to obtain statistics - A demo tour daily refreshed, per client’s profile - Flexible technical implementation which can handle bulk volumes - 24hx7D

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  • -Technical Details

    The banks clients can perform a full range of required operations sitting at their desks : •Account enquiries, •Security portfolio enquiries, •Card outstanding enquiries, •Banking details, •Term deposits, •Single or batched domestic payments (very useful for companies), •International payments with Forex rates enquiries, •Individual loans management, •Import/Export documentary credits, •Management of commercial bills presented for payment, •On-line orders book, •File transfers,

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    Provider Information

    Name: Olivier Delerue


    Phone: 01 43 94 94 01

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