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TEMENOS T24 is the most technically advanced banking system in the world today. It is a 24-hour real-time banking application that provides multiple application server support to a huge number of users. The system also eliminates the need to run End Of Day processing.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    TEMENOS T24 is the most technically advanced banking system available today...

    It pairs the most comprehensive and most powerfully flexible business functionality with the most advanced and scalable architecture. This gives it unprecedented power and opportunity to meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

    TEMENOS T24 is built on open architecture, offers low cost of ownership and uses established standards such as HTTP, XML and J2EE.

    The design of TEMENOS T24 offers multiple application server support offering horizontal scalability and supporting huge numbers of users with true non-stop resilience. Probably the most innovative aspect of TEMENOS T24, however, is that it will totally eliminate the need to run End Of Day processing.

  • -Technical Details

    T24 provides functionality for banks to manage customers, processes, risks and monitor ongoing activities, as well as a full range of banking services such as - Retail Banking-CRM, Multi-channel, Cash transactions, Payments, Credit/Deposits and Loan simulation. Private Wealth Management-Portfolio Management, Valuations, Compliance, Relationship Management, Order Management Products & Instruments, Backoffice Support, Operational Services and Support Services. Corporate Banking-Payments, Cash management, Commercial/Syndicated Lending, Trade finance and Internet banking. Treasury Operations-Forex, Money market, Securities/Repos FRAs/Swaps, Nostro recs/confirmation matching, Futures and options.

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    Provider Information

    Name: n/a


    Phone: +44 20 7423 3700

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