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C2CRM is a comprehensive middle-market CRM solution designed to integrate sales, marketing and customer service into one seamless, collaborative operation. Offered as On-Premise or On-Demand solution and now enabled on IBM PureSystems.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    C2CRM is a comprehensive middle-market CRM solution (offered as On-Premise or On-Demand - SaaS) designed to integrate sales, marketing and customer service into one seamless, collaborative operation. C2CRM consists of five solutions that, combined, provide a complete CRM system:

    • Relationship Management - relationship tracking; activity mgt. for tasks and "to do" lists; mail/calendar activities to make appointments
    • Sales Management (Sales Force Automation) - forecast, manage and track opportunities; quotes and contract management
    • Customer Service - customer support ticket system; field service; project management
    • Marketing Management - rich broadcasting messaging system for marketing campaigns; lead management; repository for documents and images
    • Analytics & Knowledge Management - reporting tool; workflow engine

    C2CRM is platform independent and employs a role-based methodology.  It offers a rich graphical experience in a simple to use web browser interface that leverages the infrastructure and security model of Lotus. The product is recognized by IBM® and Lotus® as a leading middle-market CRM application, and has a strong partner channel made up of IBM and Lotus Business Partners. C2CRM is also a Premier Business Partner for both IBM and Lotus.

    Business Case

    C2CRM provides an all-inclusive approach to earning and keeping loyal customers, leading to increased profitability and market leadership. C2CRM offers a rapid return on investment, and provides a secure, collaborative vehicle for all departments in an organization to capture and manipulate customer, prospect and supply chain information. Its modular design allows companies to scale the solution functionality to meet their needs, and increase users as their organization grows. Additionally, C2CRM provides the ability to track marketing campaign success and penetrate potential and existing customers with its powerful broadcast engine. The Enterprise Customer Service functionality is especially designed for environments that need to track and bill project-related activities.

    Business Problem

    In this fiercely competitive marketplace, a loyal customer base is critical. Companies are working harder now more than ever to maintain strong partnerships with their customers. Paramount in the age of e-business is effective collaboration across all company departments, with the ultimate goal of presenting consistent customer interaction with all employees responsible for customer satisfaction and retention.

  • -Technical Details

    Managing customer data has never been easier. C2CRM combines five powerful solutions to create a solid, well rounded CRM system.

    Functionality includes: Relationship Tracking, Activity Management, Security/Team Management , Mail and Calendar Integration, C2CRM Dashboard, Sales Management, Opportunities & Forecasting, Quotes & Proposals, Contract Management, Product Catalog & Services, Customer Service, Customer Support, Field Service, Project Management, Marketing Management, Marketing & Communications, Documents & Images Repository, Lead Management, Workflow Management, SQL Exporter, Content Manager, eBusiness Suite.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Charlie Spaneas


    Phone: 1-843-884-7822

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