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Carillon ERP

Carillon Financials Corp.
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Provided by:Carillon Financials Corp.
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Version:Carillon ERP 2010
Carillon ERP is a real time, fully integrated ERP solution for mid-sized companies in all verticals. Carillon supports all platforms of IBM's DB2® Universal Database.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Carillon ERP is a fully integrated, real time ERP/CRM system that offers more power than batch systems of the past. Carillon provides the power to have unlimited periods and years open simultaneously.

    Additional benefits include:

    • Multi-tasking
    • Carillon has complete multi-company, multilingual and multi-currency functionality in a full set of accounting, manufacturing, distribution, construction and not-for-profit related modules including:
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Order Entry
    • Inventory
    • Purchase Order
    • Production Order
    • Job Cost
    • Payroll
    • Executive Desktop
    • Financial Desktop
    • Contact Management
    • Time & Billing.

    Carillon recognizes the importance of security and has incorporated a comprehensive security system which grants users or groups 'Add', 'Modify', 'Inquiry', 'Delete', and 'Approval' rights on a window by window and company by company basis.

    The system provides a complete audit trail- each record includes "Last Modified" information including the user ID of the last person that changed the record, the date the record was created, and the date the record was last modified. The system is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, using DDE & OLE links throughout the system to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

    Business Case

    Carillon provides IBM DB2® customers with a leading ERP package that can work on their IBM database, rather than having to switch to Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. Carillon®s DB2 Edition is rich in functionality and can provide DB2 users a total ERP and CRM system that can simplify, manage and integrate their data seamlessly.

    Carillon®s real-time award-winning ERP system, combining superior functionality with custom-tailored features as required by the client, make it the ideal software to support businesses that use DB2.

    To read a Carillon success story please go to our website or send us an e-mail. See: Carillon Success Story

    Pilots and Drivers Process ERP Transactions from Helicopters and Trucks

    Business Problem

    Carillon ERP/CRM is a leader in the Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, Professional Services and Not-For-Profit industries. Journal of Accountancy rated Carillon ERP as one of the top 10 mid-level ERP systems.

  • -Technical Details

    Carillon offers a total ERP and CRM solution for mid sized companies in all verticals. Superior functionalities include:

    • Advanced real-time analytics
    • Complete ERP integration with PDA
    • Database and platform flexibility
    • Availability of course code

    Carillon supports DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase databases.

    Minimum recommended client workstation requirements are:

    • Pentium with 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk
    • Windows XP Professional (or newer)
    • Mouse
    • 1280 x 1024 color monitor

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Larry R. Pettit, CPA, CITP


    Phone: 1-800-739-9933

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