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FOREMOST is a complete ERP software solution developed for Manufacturers and Distributors with integrated accounting and reporting. Now enabled on IBM® PureSystems™ for rapid deployment and included integrated expertise.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    FOREMOST is a complete application software solution with an integrated accounting system developed specifically for Manufacturers and Distributors.

    FOREMOST is available as a GUI / browser-based application suite or as a text-based ascii system. Foremost is easily implemented and easily modified to meet the needs of growing companies with rapidly changing needs. The data retrieval and report generation capabilities of FOREMOST enable end-users and management to get their questions answered quickly and without a programmer's assistance.

    Any or all modules will function as stand-alone units or they can be linked to provide a complete software solution for the manufacturer or distributor organization. The FOREMOST modules are:

    • General Ledger
      • Purchasing
        • Receiving
          • Work Order
            • Order Entry
              • Shipping
                • Executive Reports
                  • Inventory
                  • Payroll/Personnel
                  • Accounts Receivable
                  • Accounts Payable
                  • Fixed Assets
                • The Foremost GUI release provides browser based access via wired or wireless devices and the user interface is intuitive minimizing end-user training.

                  Foremost license costs are not processor based, systems administration needs are minimal, on-going license and maintenance fees are low enabling Foremost implementations costs approximately 10% of those of other comparable solutions,

    Business Case

    The FOREMOST application suite of software modules was designed specifically to meet the needs of Manufacturers and Distributors. FOREMOST was initially designed by developers working directly with the end-users of the product. Each FOREMOST module addresses a specific need or requirement of an entity operating in today's world.

    Though FOREMOST is fully featured, its modules can be easily modified to meet the needs of each individual user site. For example, the FOREMOST Payroll/Personnel and Tax modules typically require some modification for every client site due to customer requirements and the constant annual changes to tax rules.

    Reports can be easily created and posted for access via a custom reports menu or users can develop their own custom reports utilizing popular third party software applications.

    Business Problem

    The FOREMOST application suite includes 'help screen' functionality to facilitate resolution of issues users may encounter.

    Easy to utilize menu screens empower end-users and expedite fulfillment of orders and project work.

    Because FOREMOST is both GUI and text-based, data entry is accomplished extremely quickly.

    Prompt ROI in Foremost is realized because of the cost-effective nature of the solution.

  • -Technical Details

    Developed specifically for Manufacturers and Distributors, FOREMOST is a suite of software applications with an integrated accounting system comprised of separate modules which can be interfaced with the FOREMOST general ledger module to provide a complete system.

    Being GUI and text based, FOREMOST is easy to install and utilize which minimizes end-user training. FOREMOST provides a simple, cost effective solution for any commercial entity wishing to implement and utilize a computerized accounting system.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Doug Owens


    Phone: 1-(513) 563-2800

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