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Integrated ERP, MES, HRIS, CRM, and SRM software for mid-sized manufacturers
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Modern Manufacturing Applications optimized for IBM PureSystems HarrisData Manufacturing is an expert integrated system for mid-sized discrete manufacturers. The solution offers a comprehensive set of integrated applications managing the flow of information throughout the enterprise including manufacturing, distribution, accounting, sales, purchasing, and human resources - even customer, vendor, and employee self-service.

    HarrisData Manufacturing offers mid-sized manufacturers the application solution they grow with.

    Business Case

    Achieve World Class Manufacturing Performance

    HarrisData Manufacturing software delivers world-class results. A mid-sized manufacturer of fluidic components and sub-assemblies uses HarrisData Manufacturing software to achieve these results:
    Performance Measure Results
    On-time delivery 99%
    Quality Control results 99%
    Cycle time throughput 3 days
    Inventory accuracy 98%
    Supply Chain on-time deliveries 99.8%
    Returned materials 2%
    Scrap 1%
    If you're looking to improve your bottom line, start by getting the most out of your efforts. HarrisData Manufacturing software can help you optimize your organization for world-class results.

    Business Problem

    Many mid-sized manufacturers are stuck with highly modified, first generation ERP systems.These rigid systems leave them unable to significantly improve their business processes or embrace new business opportunities. Worse, the systems cost more each year to maintain, even though they provide less value. These manufacturers want to work with a partner that will focus on improving the software, not on increasing services billing.

  • -Technical Details

    HarrisData Manufacturing provides all the features necessary for a classic MRP2 environment through lean manufacturing techniques, anywhere in between, and beyond. Some of the benefits you may realize are: Activity Based Costing Paperless Shop Floor Sophisticated Costing Ability Kanban Replenishment Variance Analysis

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Lisa Bergstrom


    Phone: 800-225-0585

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