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DPS, Inc. (Data Processing Services, Inc)
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Wholesale Distribution Management System (ERP) with Financial Management, web tools and warehouse management. Now enabled on PureFlex System which includes integrated patterns of expertise designed to automate and optimize the deployment and maintenance of your workloads.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    DPS Extend Web-enabled wholesale distribution software helps you run every aspect of your distributorship more efficiently and profitably. DPS Extend bundles all of the functions of your business -- from purchasing, receiving and inventory management to customer service, shipping, and billing -- and makes them work for your organization in an e-business environment.

    The solution extends to you various e-business options, from simply offering your catalog on the Web, to a complete solution that offers your customers a total range of e-business functions.

    Offered in a hosted or in-house environment, DPS Extend is also compatible with EDI, Internet/Intranet and workflow/office communication databases to provide a link with your customers and vendors.

    Business Case

    Enhanced customer service: CSR's have access to required information to better service customers, including special pricing, contracts, automatic credit checking, price/margin editing, special orders functions, multiple warehouse stock level access.

    Eliminate "Deadwood" stock with the analysis and reporting functions within Inventory Management: You are able to identify the dead stock items and slow moving items and you can set up specials/promos to move that stock to eliminate carrying costs associated with those items.

    Reduce inventory levels and increase inventory turns: By better managing the inventory through the recommended replenishment reports and the Buyer's Guide, we help you reduce the amount of stock on the shelf, thus reducing your carrying costs, increasing your turns, and adding to the bottom line. Based on sales history by item and average lead time from suppliers, we help you determine a reasonable safety stock and reorder point. Extend can help you reach a high level of customer service and order fulfillment, while trying to keep inventory close to just-in-time levels.

    Business Problem

    Your inventory levels are out of control; you are looking for an easy to use order entry system; you need quick access to all customer-related information. You want a comprehensive and integrated distribution software solution on a reliable hardware platform, from a dependable and experienced software company.

  • -Technical Details

    This Wholesale Distribution solution provides: user-defined menus & security; multiple company/division/region/branches; "fastpath" feature to jump from one application to another; international addressing/phone number support; nationality flag for US & Canada; information pop-up windows throughout; powerful inquiry subsystem with "intelligent" inquiries; specialized report writers; search/retrieval functions; foreign currency support; powerful sales analysis; user-maintainable on-line help/documentation; alternate units of measure support; unlimited order, item & customer messaging; kit processing; work order management; serial/lot tracking; service management.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Mark Redmond


    Phone: 800-654-4689

PureSystems patterns are part of a broad portfolio of PureSystems solutions for business, cloud, and infrastructure applications.

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