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PegaRULES Process Commander is a rules-driven Business Process Management (BPM) system that combines a patented enterprise rules and process engine with tools for developing, deploying and evolving enterprise-wide business process applications. Now implemented on PureSystems for integrated expertise.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Revolutionary in design and robust in features, PegaRULES Process Commander is the next generation of Pegasystems' industry-leading Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. PegaRULES Process Commander is a rules-driven BPM system that combines a patented enterprise rules and process engine with tools for developing, deploying and evolving enterprise-wide business process applications. PegaRULES Process Commander allows businesses to easily manage, automate, integrate and rapidly evolve business processes across the enterprise, as well as to vendors, customers and partners.

    Business Case

    Leverages common business tools such as Microsoft Vision - empowering business users to take charge of their business processes - and enabling them to implement change without reliance on IT departments. System flexibility encourages an enterprise to evolve its business model as its competitive pressures change , and provides the ability to define and build applications in a fraction of the time it would take to code a solution. Speed of development enables companies to streamline operations, deliver products and services to customers with a faster time-to-market than ever before, and take advantage of new market opportunities. Unifies business communities by integrating data and business rules to ensure that information and processes are leveraged by each constituent involved in the business process , enabling companies to synchronize business operations and seamlessly collaborate with trading partners. Rules-driven process management tools make it easy for work to be performed simultaneously by multiple people or systems. Complex manual processes can be automated, tracked, and repeated or scaled. Robust work management tools enable companies to easily delegate and process work across departments, and across trading partners throughout the value chain. Automatically assigns and prioritizes work according to what needs to get done and when, managed in real-time across the enterprise through the PegaRULES Process Commander Work Portal.

    Business Problem

    Today, enterprises need to incorporate an IT infrastructure that can easily evolve as competitive pressures change. Understanding the policies and procedures - the business rules - that drive an organization is critical to achieving the agility and responsiveness necessary for success. Also, beyond its many conveniences, today's electronic economy has also increased the complexity of managing work across the enterprise value chain.

  • -Technical Details

    PegaRULES Process Commander consists of four functional components: (1) PegaRULES Enterprise Rule Engine (2) Work Portal, (3) Process Controller,and (4) Integration Services. Pegasytems' approach to rules management is based on its belief that, like business data, business rules should be managed as a separate corporate asset. The primary benefit of PegaRULES Process Commander's rules architecture is that it enables the re-use of business rules across channels and systems, providing the ability to change rules in real time - even during live production.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Douglas Kim


    Phone: 617-866-6000

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